October 2011, readathon

Hour 2: Pinspirational

How’s everyone doing?

It’s only Hour 2 and I’m having a hard time keeping up with you guys! I guess I’m gonna have to grab a nap whilst one of your other awesome cohosts keeps the ‘thon alive this afternoon since I have yet to sleep at all tonight/this morning, oh my… it’s all running together.

And can I also remark on how swiftly things change in the interwebs?  Six months ago when I was hosting for you guys, I scoured YouTube for funny and inspirational videos to link to so that you’d get a bit of spunk. Today, I’m finding myself scouring Pinterest instead. *sigh* The wonderful, wonderful Pinterest. Where you find awesome stuff like:



Mini-Challenge: Character Pictures

Still Going: Introduction Meme

Winners: 6 Random Readers have been selected to win a prize! To redeem your prize, email us at deweyreadathon-gmail and let us know which prize from the Prize List you’d like to redeem.

Jess from Tangled Up In Blue
Christina from Reading Thru The Night
Tami from Just One More Thing
Hillary from Adventures in Never Never Land
Susan from Readspace
Alysia from Mocha Girls Read

Speaking of prizes, we need some Prize Angels to help get these prizes mailed out to everyone. If you’re able to donate even just a dollar, it’d help us get all of the books sent to all of the winners no matter where in the world they live. So, please help if you can. (We’re scheduled to give away all 112 prizes, so the shipping bill can be pretty large) To do so, follow these steps:

1. Log-In to PayPal.
2. Click the Send Money Tab
3. Enter shes10@gmail.com into the To Field.
4. Click the Personal Tab.
5. Select Gift.
6. Fill in the amount you’re giving.
7. Click Continue and follow the directions.

22 thoughts on “Hour 2: Pinspirational”

  1. It would be cool to have a bunch of #readathon boards – we all pin our books on one board or on our own boards. I think I’ll make one!

  2. I just finished my first book and logged on to the wonderful news that I won! This makes the 5am start time sooo much better. LOL!!! THX U!!!!

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