Hour 2 – It’s the second hour, but only the first snack!

What? You’re telling me this readathon is about books not snacks? Sigh. I guess that’s true. But just so you know, I ate some oatmeal with blueberries! Yum. This is my last post for a couple hours. Now Ashley will be taking over. I’ll see you soon, though!

Current Minichallenges!

Reading in TranslationΒ at Reading Through Life.
Introductory Meme hosted by us!

In other news, I hope you have a moment like this during the readathon:

12 thoughts on “Hour 2 – It’s the second hour, but only the first snack!”

  1. Well the first mini challenge looks interesting! I really don’t know of any translated books. Good luck to everyone in the readathon.

  2. Can’t think of any book translated into English that I would want to read in it’s original language. Perhaps inspiration will strike later on…

  3. Hour one was marvelous, the rest of my house is still asleep so it is nice and quiet, something that I can’t guarantee for the rest of the day. πŸ˜›

  4. Cheering the readathoners on while I write my term paper.
    I love the History Boys dearly. Saw it as a stage play a few years ago, and I love the movie as well.

    That’s a perfect quote. Though, working on a paper for grad school, I mentally add “and told you to cite it in your paper in APA style.” Keep the book discussion coming- I’ll add to my TBR pile for the end of the semester!

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