Hour 2 – If You Love to Read

This is a little tiny bit long, but gosh, I love this song and just had to share. It’s called If You Love to Read, to the tune of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep.

So, how are we doing? One hour down, are you flexing those reading muscles? How are the eyes? Don’t forget to get up every hour to stretch and rest those babies!

This is where I leave you. I’m off to do some of my own reading and cheering and what not! You can find me over at my own blog, Capricious Reader, and around the internets. Have fun my lovelies!

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4 thoughts on “Hour 2 – If You Love to Read”

  1. Ha! I just made up a bookish song and put it on my blog for Hour One. That’s funny. Not as awesome as the one on the video but, hey, I made it up in less than 2 minutes. lol

  2. I’m here! Two hours late, but I couldn’t bring myself to be up and reading at 5am. At least that means I’m still fresh 🙂 I did sneak in a little audiobook listening while I made breakfast. Now I’m about to go away and start in earnest. See you soon!

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