October 2017

Hour 2 – Community is the Word

One of my favorite favorite FAVORITE THINGS about the readathon is the COMMUNITY.


Whether you’ve read with us for a few years now or are a new reader joining us for the first time, I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE HERE. Reading, and chatting, and partying all over the world with a few hundred readers. What could be better than that? And we’ve been doing it for 10 years now!

Can you feel the love tonight people. CAN. YOU. FEEL. THE. LOVE.

Sorry, not sorry, if I earwormed you. Mwah! Now go get reading!


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Hourly Prize Winner

Jennifer @CremedelaFemme

Tessa Moon Leiseth @revtessa

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3 thoughts on “Hour 2 – Community is the Word”

  1. I can’t participate this year but I’m with you in spirit. You’re all the best, readathoners! Smash that TBR!

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