October 2014

Hour 2 – Got Books?

By now you should be starting to hit your stride. If you can’t settle down, how about taking a gander at this? I just love it!

I hadn’t seen this one before. It may be my new favorite Baby Got Book parody!

Okay my friends, is where I leave you, but never fear! I’m off to do some of my own reading and cheering and who knows what! I will be around! You can find me over at my own blog, Capricious Reader and of course you can Twitter me @CapricousReadr. Have fun my dears!

Mini Challenges

Door Prize Winners Announced –

Fill out the form HERE to claim your prize.

Reader winners:

Catriona, Little Book Owl
James – The Scholar’s Fane 
Steph at Second Banana Books 
Joli – Actin’ Up With Books 
Through Bookshelves
Hawkeye19 @Tumblr
Fishinfog @ Tumblr
Allison @ The Allure of Books

Cheerleader winners:

Nova @ Out of TIme
Rachel Noelle @Silelda
Kerry McHugh @ entomologyofabookworm
Tatiana @TanyaGupalo
Janel @ Bibliophibian

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8 thoughts on “Hour 2 – Got Books?”

  1. It’s now a quarter past midnight in good old Sydney town.

    I knocked over 40 pgs of Nora Webster before my eye lids got too heavy.

    I look forward to seeing what’s happening in readathon land when I wake up in the morning.

    Good night


    I was sent to a Twitter too. Will have to find another link for the database at the next hour. I spend too much time on my laptop & not enough time reading! Happy #readathon

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