October 2010

Hour 2

I love the excitement at the beginning of the readathon! These first few hours always seem to be easy peasy for everyone. Unless you’re on the West Coast and not a morning person, in which case you *might* be a little tired if you stayed up too late playing Bejeweled Blitz.



This hour, we’re asking you to go encourage our participants! Go say hi to Life as List and Sweet Reads. We’ll pick one commenter from each blog  to win one book of their choice from the Prizes page. I’ll announce those winners in Hour 3.


This mini-challenge this hour is the Back-in-the-Day Children’s Book Mini-Challenge! You’ll be sharing details of your favourite childrens books either from childhood, or that you have read as an adult. The prize is a “grab bag of Christmas/holiday themed titles by Louisa May Alcott, Mary Higgins Clark, and most likely some other folks as I’m fairly certain I’m going to throw in some other fun stuff for you!”

Winners Announced

Nothing to announce yet!

Still Ongoing

Hour 1 Meme

16 thoughts on “Hour 2”

  1. I’d like to suggest that read-a-thon participants disable comment moderation and comment verification for the duration of the event. That should make everything a lot easier for everyone!

  2. This is my first read-a-thon and my husband doesn’t seem to understand that I am trying to read without disruptions. I started at 6:30 and I’m still not finished with “The Capture” by Kathryn Lasky.

    Make sure you check out the mini-challenge from MissWisabus at http://www.misswisabus.com. She’s the one who got me started on this read-a-thon business!!

  3. How could I forget this?! I blame homeschool. Can I do that? Major shout out to cheerleader, Kate at Midnight Book Girl, who dropped by my blog just a bit ago. Am picking up my book now!

  4. I’m not doing the Read-a-thon, but i’m reading a little along too. Made some comments to cheer for the ones who are officially participating 😉

  5. I stayed up half the night… NOT playing Bejeweled Blitz, but watching the Giants v. Braves play-off game. Didn’t think it would EVER END!!!!!!!! I knew I’d pay for it today! *yawn*

  6. I stayed up all night driving home from my best friends wedding! And now I have to stay awake all day reading, and all night working!!! Wish me luck… and good luck to everyone else out there.

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