April 2010

Hour 2

Holy shamoly! There’s 376 people signed up for this readathon! You guys make this event so much fun!

One thing I know for sure is that this readathon totally wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t have people who were able to help. One of the huge tasks I assigned out was organizing the mini-challenges. This team did a fabulous job, so let’s go give them some thanks!

Is this your first time participating? Leave a comment on this post and we’ll randomly select 4 first time readers to win two books of their choice, which you can see on the Prizes page. The first winner we pick will also win a lifetime membership to LibraryThing. Woot! We’ll leave this open for three hours and announce the winner in Hour 6.


This hour’s mini-challenge is being hosted by Miss Remmers. Her challenge is called Kick Off of Champions, and she’s going to have you post about what you’ve surrounded yourself with to start the readathon! This challenge goes for three hours and a winner will be chosen by using Random.org and they will be sent by email a $15 Amazon Gift Card.

Winners announced

No winners to announce yet! But we will have winners by the next hour. 🙂

Still ongoing

Intro meme

96 thoughts on “Hour 2”

  1. My first time! Amanda at the Zen Leaf told me about it. I don’t know how I’ll get loads of reading done, I’m having so much fun blogging about it and visiting other blogs! LOL


  2. Many thanks to the ladies who organized the mini-challenges. You guys are simply great! We all appreciate your hard work.

  3. First Timer getting off to a slow start since my sons both woke up and demanded attention lol. Plus I hardly ever read in the am.

  4. Good morning and thanks so much for this GREAT event! First timer here, and LOVING this!
    Gotta be careful tho, there is so much blogging to do, challenges to meet, that I am tearing myself away from the books! Starting with “Angel First Aid” here, and a couple of chapters in, I’m reminded to thank my angels for leading me to your awesome site, Dewey! Happy reading everyone!

  5. It’s my first time participating. I’ve spent so much time worrying over recording how many pages and minutes I’ve read that I haven’t gotten much reading done!

  6. This is my first time participating and I am amazed at the scope of this event! I just love the book blogging community and am excited about this challenge!

  7. This is my first time and boy am I having fun! This definitely will not be my last and I plan on being very involved with the next one. Sqeeeeee!!

  8. This is my first time and I think this is probably one of the greatest things I’ve ever heard of. Thank you so much for creating this. I’m having a great time so far!

  9. This is my first time! I’m so excited about this. I love books and this falls at a great time because I need a break for the real world its been a long work week.

  10. This is my first time participating.. I’ve known the read-a-thon for the last 2 years but every time there was something on that day. So I’m so happy and excited that I am now participating at last =)

  11. This is my first time.I love epic poems(reading The Two Princesses of Bamarre by Gail carson Levive)

  12. I am a first-timer! And also doing this with my kids! They are already frustrated with me that I am blogging more than I am reading! Oopsy!

  13. My first time as a reader, although I was a cheerleader last time. Does that count?

    I’m a bit late off the starting blocks, but I’m enjoying listening to an audiobook while I catch up on the first mini-challenges and get myself organised.

    Hope everyone is having fun!

  14. Hi
    I am a first timer here and I cant believe I have been missing it before. I chose to read from the library and it is utter bliss.. The only complaint I have is that I could not pick up my iced tea 🙂
    I just love this event!!!!

  15. This is my first time doing the read-a-thon and I’m enjoying myself so far! My friend is reading here with me (and we’re doing quite a lot of talking as well). Thanks!!

  16. My first time participating after watching for years. 🙂 Thank you everyone for all their hard work in putting this together.

  17. It’s my first time to do a Read-a-Thon, and although I’m a bit bummed that I ended up starting late (things don’t always work out as planned, after all -___-), I’m happy that I’m finally here~

    I’ve been excited about this for almost a month~ <3 But before I hit the books, I'm off to catch up on my cheering hours. 😉

    Good luck to everyone~ And remember: HAVE FUN! 😉

  18. This is my first read-a-thon & so far I’m enjoying! Reading The Wife’s Tale by Lori Lansens this morning (finished Sue Grafton’s latest U is for Undertow last night and wanted a change). Happy reading everyone!

  19. This is my first time! So excited to begin! I don’t plan on getting through all the books I’ve chosen, but I will do my best. Thank you for the break!

  20. Another first time participant stopping by and saying hello! I have to admit, at first I was a little shifty-eyed about this whole read-a-thon thing, but I have to say that I’m having a blast and can’t wait to keep reading/commenting all the live-long day (or at least until I get too sleepy and grumpy to be tolerated)!

    Happy reading!

  21. This is my first time participating – and alas, I have had to start a few hours late! 🙁 Just getting into it now, and loving it. ?

  22. This is also my first time. I’ve got some nice English Breakfast tea to help me along, and I’ve only just now taken a break to check in.

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