Hour 19

The sun is up here! What time is it where you are? And how are you holding up?

For hour 19, we have 3 readers of the hour:

Blondie Rocket

Please go visit them and say hi! We’re getting to the final stretch, so I bet they’re in need of encouraging comments. We’ll draw 3 names from the comment to the readers’ most recent updates, and the winners will pick 3 books each from the list of prizes.

The winner of Karin’s mini-challenge is: I Heart Monster!

Winner of Erin’s mini-challenge is: Shelly B!

Congratulations! Please get in touch with Karin and Erin about your prizes.

Still happening:
Debbie’s mini-challenge (open until the end of the read-a-thon)
Jessica’s mini-challenge (open until the end of hour 20)
And don’t forget you can still vote for the best comic done for Kim’s mini-challenge!

14 thoughts on “Hour 19”

  1. Deborah: lol 😀 That’s exactly the goal of having readers of the hour!

    It’s 7am here. I can’t decide if it feels earlier, later, or neither.

  2. It’s 2am here. And I probably shouldn’t say this, but I think I’m doing better at not craving my bed than I usually do. In the past, I’ve been nearing crisis stage by now. Maybe it’s because I’m spending more time on the computer and less time reading this time. Anyway, I hope you’re hanging in there okay…it’s been a looooooong day/night/day where you’re at!

  3. I slept too! Hahaha! I think that has to do with the fact I was awake the whole day yesterday and then this started at 8PM here. I know, excuses 🙂

  4. Hooray, Care!

    Lightheaded, I can imagine how hard it must be to have an evening start :/ I know I threatened to send a cute kitty to murder you all in your sleep, but seriously now, it’s not cheating 😛

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