Hour 19 – YOU ROCK (and Roll)

We’ve reached the Hour 19, mark, which makes me, Rebecca @ Love at First Book and me, Andi @ Estella’s Revenge, want to tell you 5 reasons why you rock!

5. You’re a reading machine!  If you’ve been reading for 19 whole hours or only 3, you’re doing great!  Keep it up!

4.  You’re blowing up Twitter.  Can we say #readathon trending???

3.  You’re CHEERING EACH OTHER! I haven’t seen spirit like this since my high school cheer camp!

2.  You’re killin’ the mini-challenges. What a group of multi-taskers!

1.  You’re making us proud! You are an incredible bunch of readers who comprise a community we’re REALLY proud of!


Mini Challenges

Book Balancing

TBR Challenge

An Uncomfy Challenge

Page 35, 3rd Sentence


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Books, Biscuits and Tea

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Sophisticated Dorkiness

Mom’s Small Victories

Kayla Talks Books

Cheerleader Winner

Lisa Jo

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6 thoughts on “Hour 19 – YOU ROCK (and Roll)”

  1. Rebecca, how can you still be awake?! I’m 3 hours behind you and even I’m a little sleepy.

    Thank you for being a great host and cheerleader. All of you make this such a great event!

  2. Rebecca MIGHT ACTUALLY be asleep. Just maybbeeee. But she gave me the idea for this post, so we’re both taking credit and I believe we are the first “team” co-host post in Readathon history. And YOU were here for it! –Andi

  3. I’m getting sleepy, but fear not I’m hear to cheer our fearless and sleepless leaders on!!! Go Andi and Rebecca(or she might be catching zzz’s).
    I didn’t enter any of the mini challenges but dang, let me say the ones I’ve seen are so creative it’s just fabulous!! To the person who sponsored the TBR challenge…brave woman! I mean those weren’t even shelved…holy book avalanche batman!! I have my own issues…so no judging!
    I have loved today like no other Read-a-thon….thanks to all!!

  4. Thank you, Anita! This has really been an incredible Readathon on so many levels. Thank you for being a part of it!

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