April 2013, readathon

Hour 19 – You Can Do Whatever You Want

Hey guys! Andi again! I’m up! You up? I might have the help of a Mountain Dew Code Red, but I’m still here! And some popcorn and Spicy Nacho Doritos. You should be SO stinkin’ proud of yourselves for making it this far into the Read-a-Thon!!!! Many have started to bow out, so let’s step up our cheer game even more to keep this thing going through Hour 24!!!

Are you ready for some late-night cheesy humor? The kind that makes you giggle for minutes on end. Kinda delirious-like?


That would be “My Little Poe-ny.” HAAAAAA!!! And I shamelessly stole this from Jennifer at The Relentless Reader. Her Facebook page is great for fun images like this one.

One more? Ok, you twisted my arm…


I hope you have a delicious bowl of something awesome. And maybe an IV drip of caffeine. Cheers to another hour!


 What are you noshing on? 


Mini Challenges

Sami presents Picture Break

Still Ongoing

Stacy presents Cover Me

Andi presents Six Word Celebration!

Alexis presents Turn the Page


Winners Announced – E-mail deweyreadathon@gmail.com to claim a prize from the Prize Page!

Sarah from Word Hits

Beth from Too Fond of Books

– Cheerleader Winner


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21 thoughts on “Hour 19 – You Can Do Whatever You Want”

  1. Yes! I love winning! I also love reading!! Go readers go (guess I can’t keep my cheerleader tendancies hidden.) Hope everyone is hanging in there.

  2. I needed some inspiration, so I opened a fortune cookie I got with the chinese food I ordered for lunch. It said, “It is impossible to please everybody. Please yourself first.” It would please me to sleep, but it would also please me to stay up the whole 24 hours! Darn ambiguous fortunes!

  3. If you call me going back and forth grabbing bites of what I cooked for dinner snacks, then I have been “snacking” on turkey necks, boil corn and potatoes. Things that are too late to be eaten. LOL……

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