October 2011

Hour 19: But seriously, don’t overdose on caffeine

It is now midnight my time, which means it’s Hour 19! Normally I’d be going to bed right about now, but I’ve done the unthinkable and had a late afternoon cup of coffee. Woah now! I haven’t had more than one cup of coffee per day for over a year, so this is exciting. I mean, I’m still pretty tired. But I’m more awake than I’d usually be!

In celebration of my amazing accomplishment, have a song about coffee from Sarah Vaughn. It’s not as fast-paced as the other songs I’ve posted, but I think it fits this time of night (or day, depending on where you are) pretty well:


Colette is hosting the Pet Love mini-challenge now. I really love cats, y’all, but I don’t have one of my own yet. This makes me sad. 🙁


Three of you lucky people who are still reading have won a prize! Aren’t you glad you stayed up? The three winners are:

Congrats! Pick your prize and send your choice and shipping information to deweyreadathon @ gmail . com.

And we have a winner for the Hour 16 mini-challenge, the Rereading mini-challenge! It’s Kimberly of The Bookie. She won a $15 gift certificate to Amazon.com. Congrats!

Still Ongoing

The Reading for Charity mini-challenge

16 thoughts on “Hour 19: But seriously, don’t overdose on caffeine”

  1. I know! I do drink a bit more coffee (espresso’s!) than you on a daily basis but still… we just have a new machine so were trying a bit as well. So I was ‘bouncing’ 😉
    But fine now (I’m on CET time).
    Hope you can still keep up… I know it’s hard when being tired!! Happy Readathon!

  2. Haha, I’m staying awake too from the power of coffee. I’m on my second book right now and I’m almost finished. Yay for read-a-thon motivating me to read it!

  3. “The temptation to quit is greatest when you are about to succeed.”

    I just finished the book I was reading, but I’m going for a walk. This means I’ll probably lose anywhere between half an hour and an hour of reading, but I feel that otherwise I’ll pass out and go into a coma.

    See you soon, all! 🙂

  4. Still awake and going and it’s awesome, right now is one of those times when I really wish that I hadn’t sworn off caffeine…oh well we shall see if I can hold out!

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