Hour 18 – Pick It Up, Buttercup!


No, no, no! As precious as this little kitten is, we can ‘t  start to look like him! This is Shannon from River City Reading here for my final hour and we will not let each other fall victim to the sleepies when we’re this close. I’m readily available on Twitter (@Readathon for the rest of the hour and @rivercityreadin from there on out), so hop on over if you need some encouragement, have any questions or just want to chat for a minute to keep your eyes open.

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan you’ve probably seen this, but it’s always good for a good giggle or two and just might be enough to help you wake up and get reading.

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13 thoughts on “Hour 18 – Pick It Up, Buttercup!”

  1. How did I not know that there were more episodes?! Now I must just way until I finish the readathon.

    Thank you for hosting. Hour 18 is a bad hour everywhere, so thumbs up for being so awesome 🙂

  2. I think episode 2 is my favorite!
    I’m usually a night owl, so I’m hoping I can hang on long enough to read a bit more after my hosting duties are through 🙂

  3. Hour 18 is actually hour 12 for me and my last one. Even with 12 hours of reading, I think I did very well. Started and completed one book as well as put a major dent into another one. Could I done better (talking on the phone and taking naps)? Yes, but hey……. Keep up the good work you guys! You can do it!!!!!!

  4. Good morning from Europe. It’s 7:35 CET and dammit I fell asleep around midnight and lost precious 7 hours. Next time I’ll be in better shape /flex 🙂

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