October 2011

Hour 18: Don’t start counting sheep now

It’s me again! It’s now Hour 18 and that means there’s only six hours left of the readathon (I think, anyway)! That is both a tiny and a HUGE amount of time. It’s plenty of time for reading more books, but only a tiny amount of time (relatively) until you can pass out and sleep for 12 hours.

But for now, y’all need to WAKE UP!

I have brought more motivation for you to stay awake. This time it’s even book-related! It is, in fact, Paperback Writer by The Beatles:

Don’t forget: if you’re having trouble with something, or just want to chat, I’m on duty at the email account, Twitter, and Facebook! Keep going, everyone! You’re doing awesome.


The mini-challenge for Hour 18 is for those raising money for charity during the readathon. The Mr Linky will be open until the start of Hour 21.

What charity are you raising money for?

A winner will be selected after the readathon is over! Post your links now!


Four of our lovely cheerleaders have won a prize each! They are:

Congrats! Pick your prize and send your choice and mailing info to deweyreadathon @ gmail . com.

Still Ongoing

Song Identity mini-challenge

Please do stay awake! And leave me comments! Why don’t you tell me what you hate the most about doing the readathon, for instance?

23 thoughts on “Hour 18: Don’t start counting sheep now”

  1. I don’t like feeling like I’m neglecting all of my other duties in order to read. And also my ridiculously optimistic goal of reading five books (!) Otherwise, so much fun!

  2. What I hate the most? LOL… the fact that I sit all these books out with good intentions and life happens and well… I feel as though I hardly make a dent…. readathon after readathon….

    I need a better plan to keep me off the phone, out of the yard, away from the dishes and the laundry… 🙂

  3. Also, I’ve been ignoring the questions we’re supposed to be answering in our comments, so here’s something for a change: I don’t like that I picked books that are too long and/or require a lot of attention in order to understand what’s going on.

  4. What I “hate” the most is how often I get restless reading because, with all of the great stories I’m reading, I’m inpsired to write! Well, I guess that’s what next month is for. 😉

  5. I hate that I am not able to read faster. I have all these great books in my stacks and if I actually complete 2, I’m doing well *laughs* BUT, there is a lot to love about this event, not the least of which I feel very much like a giant community 🙂

  6. Our library is raising money as a team to, keep an online tutoring service that will help students with homework.

    We have 14 readers on-site reading through the 24 hour period. Others are collecting flat donations .. read team read!!

  7. I actually kinda did something cool for charity because it was so last minute. I donated $100 to Reading is Fundamental and got an indie author to match it in order to jump ahead of my review queue line. I blogged about it just now 🙂

  8. Sadly, it has come time for me to call it quits. 4 and a half books finished, just shy of my 5 book goal. I can no longer keep my eyes open and I need to be up and at em by 9 am tomorrow. Keep up the great work guys! You can do it!

  9. I keep having to re-read pages because I’m too tired to take everything in. Next time I’ll pick lighter, fluffier reads. Flaubert was a mistake – would have been better with Jill Mansell!

  10. Well, my brain is officially shutting down and I am finding I have to take more frequent breaks. Six hours seems like not a lot of time and then a lifetime when I think I have to stay awake for it. Good luck to all those raising money for charity!

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