April 2012, readathon

Hour 18- Literary Companions

Our literary companions and reading buddies come in all shapes and sizes. From our spouses/significant others and children to our little furry friends who keep our feet warm as we dive into a good book. Do you have a special fur ball by your side at this moment as you fight to make it to Hour 19? If so we’d love you to share. You can comment and share the moment, a memory or even a picture in a link below. Let’s give these special little hearts credit where credit is due! Even if they did possibly fall asleep on you at this point of the readathon…you know they’re just resting their eyes right?

Keep Reading! You can do it! We’re almost there. Coffee, snacks, a splash of cold water to the face? It’s every reader for themselves now! Go for it and as always Happy Reading to All! ~Courtney

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25 thoughts on “Hour 18- Literary Companions”

  1. I am about to crash as well too! I don’t know if caffeine could help me now. I am trying to stay up for my final hour of hosting…then I am heading to bed. Maybe get a bit of reading done early tomorrow! Good Luck and Happy Reading!

  2. I’m chugging my caffeine but I’m not sure it’s going to help me either. I did take a 45 minute power nap but don’t know if it is going to be enough. I hope so!

  3. I have an army of brightly coloured hippos keeping me company in both illness and readathoning. They were bought for me by my dad, when I got diagnosed with gallstones, to comfort me. They are very bright and cheerful, and there are five of them, so I am totally surrounded. Their names are Harmony, Rhapsody, Symphony, Melody and Destiny.

  4. I’ve been sharing this read-a-thon with my slightly crusty cat, who is getting annoyed that I dare to still be awake at this hour, when we’re usually asleep by now. She alternates between giving me irritated looks to plain out attacking the tassles on my bookmark.

    She may not be frustrated with me that much longer, though, ’cause I’m starting to get pretty wiped myself. I want to at least chug through the rest of this hour, though, so I can say that I dedicated a good 18 hours to reading today.

    I hope everyone else is still wide-eyed and alert out there! 😀

  5. My dog Zoe has crashed at my feet and is not moving…except to occasionally look at me like I am an idiot for still being awake with the lights on. Perhaps I am? 😉

  6. I see you are hosting a reading for charity mini challenge but am not seeing wher to link up or if it is here , what information you would like. I could just be missing it as it is late…LOL 🙂

    If it is to go here, I am reading for a Camp In Brainerd Minnesota for people infected and affected by AIDS. I have a link on my post where people can give, and I am donating myself, 10 cents a page, and $1.00 for every 10 minutes of audio I have listened to during the readathon. Tomorrow morning…. err, later this morning, I will announce the totals.

    Also – same post, I am adding a pic of the reading companions 😉


  7. I’m reading and chatting only to another Dewey’s participant in Norway. Its great that we can connect that way especially being on two different continents. My birdie companion is in his cage for the night. However, my kitty is with me. And of course, I just posted pictures of my cat on my latest Dewey’s update!

    Happy Reading everyone! We CAN make it!

  8. I have been asleep from midnight until 5am when I woke naturally and dived back in to my book for the next stage. I’ll be reading until 1:00pm.

    My reading companion has been my beautiful black cat Biggie (cause he’s a mini-panther). Not only did he supervise my preparation for the read-a-thon, but he snuggled up half-on my lap for most of the afternoon, encouraging me with purring.

    Expect once I’m back downstairs he’ll join me again. Wish I had a picture but I have no camera.

  9. Loving all the pet photos….keep them coming they are keeping me awake for my last hour of hosting. My eyes are very heavy I must admit!

  10. I spent most of this read-a-thon with Murchie, my tiny poodle. He slept on my lap for part of the time and spent the rest on either my bed or the couch, depending on which room I was in. Here’s a picture of him. It was taken before his last haircut; he’s not quite so fuzzy at the moment.

  11. Not to my surprise, my two cats have been most asleep for the entire time. Every once in a while they wake up and just roll their eyes at me. Now that it is 2:20 AM here they even snicker a little bit as I attempt to stay awake!

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