October 2009, readathon

Hour 18

This is my last hourly update; Eva-the-superhero will be taking over posting duties starting on hour 19. So allow me to tell you how fantastic you’ve all been so far, and also that I hope you enjoy the last stretch of the read-a-thon! If you’ve made it this far, surely you can make it until the very end 😉

This hour we’d like to ask those of you who are raising money for charity to enter your name in the Mr Linky below. We’ll randomly draw a winner, who’ll get a Hachette bundle of books and one of Katrina’s homemade bookmarks, and announce it after the read-a-thon. This means you have until the end of the event to enter yourselves here:

But that’s not all! Shanra also has a mini-challenge for you. It’s called Write a Drabble, and the winner will get an “Essential Tolkien” audio CD, a small donation to Oxfam in their name, and a home-made origami bookmark. (Shanra was kind enough to make one for me, and I can promise they’re lovely!)


The winners of Joy Renee‘s mini-challenge are:
Kim (page after page)
NTE Never that Easy
Dangerously Cold Tea
Tif @ Tif Talks Books
Chrissy (book bliss)

The winner of Soleil’s mini-challenge is: Katrina

And the winner of Jill’s mini-challenge is: Lexi

Congratulations to all!! Please contact the mini-challenge hosts to claim your prizes.

Still happening:
Meryl’s Mini-Challenge (last hour)
Care’s Mini-Challenge (last hour)
Nicki’s Mini-Challenge
Lynn’s Mini-Challenge

13 thoughts on “Hour 18”

  1. I still don’t know to who/how much to donate to charity, but I do mean to do so. Do I still qualify?

    *waves pompoms at Read-a-Thonners* Woo!!!

  2. Hey all! I’m still around, even though I still can’t post on my blog or reach my e-mail. I’ve read 50 min this past hour, and 63 pages. Still on a roll!

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