Hour 17

Hello everyone!  Nymeth here. I’ll be in charge of posting for the final 8 hours. How’s everyone doing? These final hours will be the hardest, but I advise you not to sleep. Look what willl come for you if you do:

I will kill you lolcat

Just kidding! Do sleep if you get too tired. No cute kitties will attempt to murder you if you do.

(Or am I? Mwahahaha)

This hour we have a mini-challenge hosted by Staci at Life in the Thumb. The theme is: signs that you’re doing the read-a-thon. Go visit her to find out more! This mini-challenge will be open until the end of hour 18. The winner gets a $15 Amazon gift card.

The winner of the mid-event survey is:  Shauna at Reading and Ruminations!

Congratulations! Please e-mail Hannah at wordlily AT gmail to claim your prizes.

Still happening:
Debbie’s book crossing mini-challenge (open until she runs out of books to give away)
Karin’s creativity  mini-challenge (this is the last hour for this mini-challenge)
Erin’s reading madness mini-challenge (this is the last hour for this mini-challenge)
Vote for the winner of the comic challenge

20 thoughts on “Hour 17”

  1. Kim, it might be that she has comment moderation on, but I’ll make sure and let you know.

    Debi: can’t be too safe 😉

  2. Hello Nymeth! Now I’m going to have nightmares of a scary black cat with glowing eyes…but not tonight…no sleeping for me! 🙂

  3. LOL…you crack me up Nymeth 😉 I’m going to read Persepolis and then I think I’ll be off to bed early to get murdered by small kittens 😮 It should keep me up through hour 21 or so though.

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