April 2014, readathon

Hour 17 – This is our time!


Don’t let those eyes start to droop now, readers! This is Shannon from River City Reading and I’ll be here for the next two hours to make sure you’re still on your game for the final stretch.

How are those snacks coming? I know I’m full to the brim after breaking  for a few hours to go to my book club meeting that was scheduled for tonight. My group sure knows how to eat well! Plus, at this point, I’m hopped up on a little more caffeine than normal.

If caffeine doesn’t work, you can always watch a video to perk yourself up. Have you ever started to feel like every story you read comes from the same formula? Maybe it does…

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10 thoughts on “Hour 17 – This is our time!”

  1. I just had some hot Cheetos. Not the most healthy snack, but it satisfied my craving. I do have another cup of coffee coming up soon though!

  2. Has everyone gone to sleep? It seems quieter. Lunch was just a couple of hours ago here and I’m still feeling reasonably alert. Enjoying my current read very much!

  3. We just hit midnight here on the East coast of the US, so it might start to get a little quieter. I’ll be up with ya, though!

  4. I’m starting to worry about your coffee intake! I’m three hours behind you and going to kick it into high gear if I can just move away from the computer…

  5. Oh, I’ve only had two Fraappuccinos today (about to have a third), but that might as well be like seventeen pots because I never have coffee.

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