October 2011

Hour 17: omg you guys, it’s me!

Hiya! I’m Anastasia of Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog (and @birdbrainbb, if you’re on Twitter), and I’ll be your host for hours 17 through 20. I like chocolate and coffee and cats, and though I live in New Mexico at the moment I’ll be moving to California soon. Huzzah!

You may remember me from the Spring 2011 readathon, where I wooed you with Blast Hardcheese and OK Go. This time around I’ve got many shiny things to lure you into my clutches staying awake longer.

Right about now you’re probably wishing you hadn’t had that fifth can of Red Bull and that you’d never started this stupid readathon thing. OR you’re wide awake and perky and have got your second wind back! Either way, I find that cheerful music makes me more awake than not, so here’s something for everyone who is reading this now:

Wasn’t that fun? And now, mini-challenges and things!


India’s hosting the Song Identity mini-challenge, which sounds AMAZINGLY FUN. So go check that out.


I have four winners plucked from the Mid-Event Survey participants pool! Exciting, right? Here they are:

Congrats! Pick your prize and email your choice and shipping information to deweyreadathon @ gmail . com.

Still Ongoing

Rereading mini-challenge

Also, and I know this has been posted about a lot today, but we could really use some more PRIZE ANGELS. If you could spare even $1, that’s be really really awesome.

To donate:
1. Log-In to PayPal.
2. Click the Send Money Tab
3. Enter shes10@gmail.com into the To Field.
4. Click the Personal Tab.
5. Select Gift.
6. Fill in the amount you’re giving.
7. Click Continue and follow the directions.


17 thoughts on “Hour 17: omg you guys, it’s me!”

  1. Wow. I never win anything, and this is now twice in one go. Please, feel free to draw another random name. I’d like to share the read-a-thon joy.

    Happy Reading (and Cheerleading)!

  2. Even though I haven’t been reading for the whole time, I’m still awake! I don’t think I’ll make it all the way, but I’m hoping to stay awake for at least 2 more hours.

  3. Welcome! You’re certainly perky. Personally, I’m reaching the end of my winds…the bed is calling…but not quite yet!!

  4. Awww, what a wonderful song. Thanks for sharing! And yes, I’m starting to wish I had taken it easy with the caffeine so early into the read-a-thon now, haha.

  5. You all can do it, guys! =)

    Wow, I just realized I didn’t post the mid-challenge survey, no wonder no cheerleaders are coming over to the blog! *face palm*

    Anyways, I’ve just settled comfortably into bed, and I’m ready to get back to reading. [Hopefully, I won’t fall asleep…]

  6. Still awake, still reading, or blogging … just! ;O)

    In case I fall asleep with a good book then I’d like to say thanks for sharing the wee hours! It is a good read-a-thon you’ve got going here!


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