October 2016

Hour 17 – Let’s Get Weird


Hi again, it’s Julianne back for Hour 17 – my last hour co-hosting! We had a moment of relaxation last hour, but now it’s time to ramp it up and get real weird. Regardless of your preferences, reading outside of your box is an amazing way to jump start your reading-love. If you’re feeling a little tired out and you’re kind of going through the motions of reading but not really absorbing anything anymore, it might be time to stray from your reading plan and grab something weird. Reading a book in an experimental format or in a created dialect is the perfect way to shock your system and excite your brain into focusing on reading again. Or, really, any book that makes you audibly say “WTF?!” (And if you’re not at the point of talking to yourself by Hour 17, you’re really not doing readathon right.)

Need any strange book recommendations? Or too tired to pick between a number of weird books you have on your shelves that you don’t really know much about? Throw me a tweet at @readathon – I’d love to chat. Don’t forget – read what’s weird to you! If you just read literary fiction and hobbits are weird to you, it might be time to curl up with my boy Samwise Gamgee (the true hero of the story, let’s be real). And if you need more suggestions to perk up your reading, check out my Gamify Your Readathon post from earlier this week! Tell me what weird reading you’re going to try out in the comments.

Good luck, book babes! We’ve got this.


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3 thoughts on “Hour 17 – Let’s Get Weird”

  1. Highly recommend a series I’m in the middle of reading: Jodi Taylor’s St. Mary’s series has time traveling historians. Also zaniness, dinosaurs, grisly revenge plots, and raunchy sex jokes. And Tudors. Excellently weird. Binge-worthy. Start with Just One Damned Thing After Another.

  2. I’ve been reading either nonfiction or social commentary today, so soon I’m going to try out some poetry and some Halloween-y short stories (think H.P. Lovecraft). Hopefully that’ll be enough to help stave off the sleepiness!

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