Hour 17 is Made for Viewing!

It’s Andi, and I’m back again! How are we holding up? Feeling ok? Staying hydrated? Doing a few jumping jacks around the living room? Well I think it’s time for some humor, and there’s nothing I like better than a well-crafted parody. Parody might be too strong a word. How about a contemporary video retelling of Pride and Prejudice? Video blog (vlog) style! I might have been the last person on earth to hear about it (but I think there are more of us late-comers), but The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, a YouTube series created by Hank Green (John Green’s brother!) is awesome! And soon there will be a series based on Emma! The comedy of manners goes 21st-century! If this is as intriguing to you as it was to me, check out the first episode of The Lizzie Bennett Diaries below. I was hooked from the word go!

Now wasn’t that fun? And clever? And refreshing? You’re welcome! Now you have something to suck up that extra time in your lunch break this week (if you’re not too busy reading).

I’m not much of a TV or video watcher during the week, but on the weekend (and during lunch breaks), I like to indulge. What are some of your faves right now (bookish or not!)?

If you’re more of a non-fiction lover, why not check out another great YouTube series? The Brain Scoop follows host, Emile Graslie, from her work in the natural history museum at her university to her new gig at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History! This series is interesting, informative, and heartfelt.

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20 thoughts on “Hour 17 is Made for Viewing!”

  1. Allison, I admit that I sort of adore Duck Dynasty. I don’t have network TV though (or dish or anything else except Netflix), so I never get to watch it. 🙁

  2. Love Love Love “The Lizzie Bennett Diaries”…I almost shared “The Real Housewives of Austen” during my hosting time. Janeites-it is a MUST view! However I thought I might go one readathon without hosting a Austen post. I will absolutely not be able to hold back next readathon I am sure. Thanks for my dose of dear Jane Andi! Much appreciated.

  3. I need to try Once Upon a Time again, Alyssa. I didn’t make it past Episode 1. I think I’d like it if I got into it, though.

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