April 2016

Hour 17 – Just keep reading reading reading

Dana back with you again for hour #17! How’s it going? It’s midnight here in Florida and I’m so enjoying our time together. In preparing for the day I set aside books from both my own shelves and also made a trip to the library. So tell me…did you hit up your own stacks or go to the library for your read a thon books?




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34 thoughts on “Hour 17 – Just keep reading reading reading”

  1. I did the same. I’ve got ebooks and my own physical books and then got some from the library too. I like options!

  2. I’m going through my own stacks this time. My library is kinda far away, otherwise I would have stocked up but I definitely have enough in my backlog to take me into 20 more readathons.

  3. Both. A few library books and some from my own collection. So far I’ve only read the library books, but I think up next will be a short one from my stash. I’m also on the east coast and will have to sleep soon. Plan on getting up before the sun to finish out though!

  4. I’ve read a few of my own books, but most of mine have come from my local library. Libraries for the win!

  5. The day before I went to the comic book store to get a book that just sounded too good not to get for the readathon. Aside from that I stayed with my own personal TBR pile that is slowly overtaking my dresser.

  6. Oh yes! I told my two little boys that I needed to make a quick stop at the library and my 7 year old threw his hands at my shelves and said “can’t you read all those!” LOL

  7. I went to the library for my books and reserved most of them in advance. I got a little carried away and got more books than I’ll probably be able to read, but I just love going to libraries and walking away with a huge stack of books.

  8. Fun! Having something that you really want to read helps a ton. I’ve discarded so many today that just haven’t caught my attention.

  9. I like having a combination of both. Gives me more choices. Have a good nap and we can’t wait for you to come back. You’re doing great and a little nap will really help!

  10. My pile is towering but there’s always a reason for me to go to the library 🙂 I heart my library.

  11. I have more then enough books to read for 100 read-a-thons! I definitely dove into some of my own books.

  12. I went to the library, I wanted to pick books off the shelf but either I was not in the mood for them or they had too many pages. I have one novella on my kindle that I’m going to read tho.

  13. I got a big stack from my library today as well as a big stack of my own and none really stuck. I’m still having fun reading though.

  14. I’ve got one hard bound book containing 7 Jane Austen novels. I have based my whole day on that. Even brought out my Jane Austen action figure (with quill pen and writing desk.)

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