October 2014

Hour 17: Beyond the Basics


 Okay, Courtney from Stiletto Storytime here with you for my last hour. You are doing fabulous! I mean you are reading this.  At Hour 17 that in itself is an accomplishment. You have your books? Your snacks too? All the basics of readathon right? Over the years I have found that what I considered the to be the basics of readathon…well, it’s expanded a bit over time. I’m am a bubble bath addict by nature so readathon means at least two luxurious baths with whatever book I am currently working on. So part of my readathon prep is bath bombs and bubble bars. I like to go all natural so I generally go with LUSH products. For alertness try something with hints of citrus like a Brightside Bubble Bar. For relaxation I love anything rose like Rose Jam or Twilight (Not that Twilight bookies).

Another scent inspired readathon recipe for me is that I diffuse or topically apply essential oils. To wake you up try something citrus like Tangerine or Orange. Peppermint if you are really fading fast or get a bit of a reading hangover. I also love a fun combo of Joy essential oil blend and Lemon mixed together. For calming try Lavender or a blend called Peace & Calming.  A cool calming combo is the blend Valor and Frankincense. When it is time to wind down when it’s all over I do a cotton ball with Lavender on it inside my pillow case.

Just a few little readathon rituals I have built up over the years. So tell me what are your beyond the basic must haves for readathon?

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11 thoughts on “Hour 17: Beyond the Basics”

  1. I love taking baths (with a book!) too!

    And I love essential oils! I use doTerra and for the read-a-thon, Peppermint, Citrus Bliss, and a blend called “In Tune” have been lifesavers! Peppermint keeps me awake, and I’m going to use some right now to stay refreshed during Hour 17. 😀
    What a great post!!

  2. Me too Katie! I use Young Living and I have a blend called Citrus Fresh in the diffuser beside me (very similar to Citrus Bliss I hear). It really is a lifesaver. And a natural one too which is fabulous! Such an obvious compliment to readathon. 😉

  3. Me too Jenn. I have a child who is extremely sensitive to chemicals and additives so we changed things for him but honestly I LOVE the natural products from LUSH so much more than my old products. It’s like Christmas when I get to go to the shop!

  4. Ah, a door prize! Be still, my heart! Cannot wait to see what comes in the mail. 🙂

    Happy RAT, everyone!

  5. LOVE this photograph by Nina Leen of the girl in the tub. Nina was the first female photographer for Life magazine, and it is another of her photos which I use for my header.

  6. I was looking through bubble bath & book photos and this one just jumped out! I don’t think I had ever seen it prior to a few days ago. Great to learn the history on it. I can totally see why you’d choose it!

  7. I am a bubble bath fan, but we no longer have a tub. We had a bathroom reno and got rid of the tub. A bubble bath would’ve gone perfect, soaking in lavender oils and lemon grass scents was my favorite thing to do on weekends. These days I just take long showers, I use scrubs these days instead of essentials oils. But after having read for most of my day I need to relax my eyes and a shoulders! My favorite scent is lavender — it is calming and I really love its relaxing effects.

  8. I don’t think I could give up my tub- it keeps this Mommy sane. Lavender is definitely the oil we use the most of. It’s so versatile. We use it for cuts, scrapes, bruises, calming, jelly fish stings…you get the picture. 🙂

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