October 2012, readathon

Hour 17

It’s Hour 17 and—wonder of wonders!—you and I are still awake!  Good job!

I had to share this very cool book water fountain with you. It is in Budapest, Hungary. Very, very cool.

How are you coming with your reading? Hang in there. We’ve got some good stuff this hour. It is time for the Challenging Book Challenge, hosted by Nova. Nova says, “I’d love for us to challenge our brains this readathon by sharing this:  If you were to pick a challenging book to read, which book would it be and why?”

And we will be giving away…not one…not two…not three…but four prizes to four lucky Readathon-ers! Good luck!



Challenging Book Challenge, hosted by Nova.


Winners Announced

Hour 17 Cheerleader is Paulina from Two Canadian Readers!

Our random Readathon-er winners are:

(1) Jencey at Writers Corner

(2) Piper V at 1330V

(3) Allison at The Allure of Books

(4) Emma at Verba Vivens Venerat

You’ve all won a prize!  Just email deweyreadathon at gmail with your pick off the prize list to claim!


Still Ongoing

Rachel’s Fall Challenge

Stacy’s Time Flies Mini-Challenge

16 thoughts on “Hour 17”

  1. Wow. That’s random. That fountain is just out side my local library. Five minutes (by car) from where I’m spending my readathon.

    And whenever they recorded that gif, it was not pouring with rain. Rare.

  2. Nope. Even more random is that my previous comment is absolutely wrong. I had my fountains crossed in my brain.

    I’m going to slink away in embarrassment now.

  3. If the book you’ve chosen,
    Makes you yawn,
    Don’t hesitate to put it down.
    Pick another,
    it’s no bother,
    A read-a-thon-er needn’t frown.

    Go, go, go! Keep it up! You’re doing great!

    (Team Smarties)

  4. That book fountain rocks as hard as you do, my Canadian friend! I’m hanging in there- barely though, had to take a shower to wake myself up!

    Grab another book off that stack,
    Tell Mr. Sandman to step back!
    Go, Kellie!

  5. I am headed to bed. My mini-challenge will stay open til I wake up. This might be a few hours so people can continue to enter the challenge til I close it and declare a few winners 🙂

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