Hour 17

OKAY!  You’ve made it to HOUR 17.  Who’s still with me? Here’s the ℞ for your tiredness. Since you guys tell me you can’t listen and read, take a break. A four minute break. Stand up. Push play on the video below. Now, dance. Shake that bootay! (You know I’m totally doing it too!)


Ban This Book! Midnight Book Girl shows us how if you are creative enough you can get any book banned.

Winners Announced

We’ve chosen five Mid-Event Meme random participants as winners! Mindy at A Room Without Books Is Empty, Sheila from Book Journey, Laurie from In Laurie’s Mind, Unruly Reader, and The Fickle Fan, please email us with your pick for your prize and your mailing address!

Winners of Title Word Scramble Challenge are Alison at Piling On the Books and Kristen at Bookworming in the 21st Century. You’ll be contacted shortly about your prize if you haven’t been already!

Winner of the Six-Word Celebration Challenge is Darcy from Reading Derby! You’ll be contacted shortly as well!

Still Ongoing
Wordle Review (if you can’t get the linky to work, try refreshing)
Poetry Angst

28 thoughts on “Hour 17”

  1. I’m still here! Supposed to be turning in shortly (it’s midnight where I am and I have lots of driving to do tomorrow) but I don’t want to!

  2. I’m still here, but I’ll be turning in shortly. Again, lots of stuff to do in the morning. I will be waking up early and joining in the last few hours, though 🙂

  3. The tiredness I had before is now mysteriously vanished, but my eyes are getting a bit dry. Where are those darned eye drops?

    Still looking forward to several books and am trying to save the graphic novels for when all of those words on a page tend to look like blurry worms. We’ll see!

    Yahoo for second winds! Thanks for the awesome booty-shakin’ music!

  4. Starting to feel a little dry eyed as well, but have to get up and move! Want to finish another book before I call it quits. Thanks for the inspiration to get the blood flowing.

  5. I’m still awake! Starting to feel a bit “meh” towards my reading selections so I’ve switched things up a bit and gone back to an old favorite — Patricia McKillip’s ‘A Changeling Sea’ since it’s short, sweet, and rather funny in places. Hopefully, will fire me back up and give me the enthusiasm necessary to keep going 🙂

  6. I dance like an epileptic chicken.
    And I HATE the Black Eyed Peas for taking up Fergie’s time when she could be doing rock (have you heard Beautiful Dangerous with Slash or that Paradise City cover?) but I must admit they get everyone moving 😉

    Good luck fellow read-a-thoners!
    I’m still going for the 24 hours!

  7. We’re still here, too, although I’m not sure I will stay awake much longer. Right now I don’t seem to be able to follow what I read and end up re-reading the same page all over again and again… The bed is soooo inviting… I’ll try to resist… You keep going, eh?!!

  8. Thanks for the song! Woke me up good! 🙂 And I have a fast-paced book and Visine for soft contacts…. so that helps. 🙂

  9. Yay! I won something!

    I’m trying to catch up from all the sleep and chores I did!! Hopefully I’ll make very very good progress in the next few hours! =)

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