April 2010, readathon

Hour 17

Dewey’s Hour

As you have probably noticed this read-a-thon is called Dewey’s Read-A-Thon, that is because it is in memory of Dewey- she was the instigator of this insanely cool event! Some of you ‘knew’ her and did a Read-A-Thon or two with her as your host. If you never got the chance, let me tell you- she was fab. For this hour we’d like you to leave a comment on this post telling us something you enjoyed about Dewey or remember her fondly for or just something sweet. Go ahead comment below!

Mini Challenges

This hour we have two mini challenges! Head over to visit Michelle for her Early Favourites Mini Challenge and Jennifer for her Get the Heck Out of Here Mini Challenge (aka how she prepared for the Read-A-Thon). They both look excellent!!

to see what they are up to!

Winners Announced

We have a winner for the Bookish Movies Challenge! Dangerously Cold Tea you win a book from your wish list!! ($15 maximum)

Mini Challenges Still Open

Title Teasers Mini Challenge
Once upon a Reading mini challenge

27 thoughts on “Hour 17”

  1. Dewey’s was one of the first book blogs I found, and almost immediately after reading some of her entries I decided to go ahead and start my own blog, too. I never talked to her, but I can still see the impact she had on the book blogging community and I wish I had.

  2. I “met” Dewey shortly before she died. She took the time to recommend The Bloody Jack series to me and I love it! Right now I am listening to the series and everytime I think of her.

  3. I never knew Dewey, but every where I have turned in this community I have seen the results of her activity in it and she seems like such a wonderful person. I am truly grateful for all that she has done.

  4. I didn’t actually know Dewey that long, unfortunately. I had just started participating in weekly geeks when she passed away. I wish I’d gotten the chance to know her better. I really enjoyed doing weekly geeks and her website was really a great resource to find new books to read.

  5. I miss Dewey. Every time a readathon comes around I feel sad. I did all but one of the readathon’s she hosted I believe. I even helped design some of the badges for the readathon. Don’t get me wrong, the readathon’s great but I miss Dewey.

  6. This is the first time I have heard of this! but I will defently be coming back for more! Lets see how long I can hold out without any sleep!

  7. I just started blogging less than a year ago and never got to meet Dewey. But I see her influence everywhere in the book blogosphere and I can tell just how big of an impact she had on it. I love that she is remembered in so many ways by the community. šŸ™‚

  8. I loved that she was so friendly and down-to-earth. I think the name of her blog is what caught my attention first. I’m glad she started this wonderful event and we can remember her as we participate.

  9. I never had the privilege of meeting Dewey, but it’s obvious by the way you speak of her that she was amazing! Plus, she started all of this fabulousness!

  10. I never knew Dewey but was an awesome impact she’s had in the blog-book world! She’s probably watching us from Book Heaven. Thanks Dewey!

  11. i just started blogging a few months ago, and this is my first readathon experience, so i don’t have a personal memory to share.

    however, i can’t even imagine the impact she must have been an amazing person to have influenced an brought to life something so wonderful.

  12. I didnt know Dewey but have heard so many great things about her. Its nice that she’s remembered in the blogging community and this readathon is one of those things.

  13. I did not know Dewey, but I think it is awesome that she is still influencing people, including people who never met her in person and people who never “met” her virtually either, like me. I’m enjoying this readathon today because of something she started! I just hope that people will be able to remember me for something like that.

  14. I only started following Dewey’s blog a few months before her death, but her good nature, down-to-earthedness, and friendliness made her a quick favorite with me. I was so shocked and saddened by her death, but I’m glad we honor her in this way. šŸ™‚

  15. I didn’t know Dewey but I feel her energy within the group of people who participate in this read-a-thon, it is truly inspiring and I hope that positivity flows through each one of us long after the read-a-thon is over.

  16. Dewey was such a friendly person. She welcomed everyone who followed her, she answered a question if you had one, you could always count on her for encouragement. I think of her when I think of John Steinbeck who was one of her favorite authors. I think of her during the read-a-thon or Weekly Geeks. When I see the chocolate bunny prize during this event, I think about her. I won the bunny once, and I was so happy. When I read a good book, I still want to talk to her about it. She was a really good person.

  17. I never personally knew Dewey but heard wonderful things about her from when she first started the read-a-thon. She always seemed welcoming to anyone. I think continuing what she did online for reading is a wonderful way to honor her.

  18. I never knew Dewey, but from what I’ve heard, she sounds like she was a remarkable person. I also think that continuing the Read A Thon is a great way to honor her memory. Thanks for all the hard work it took to organize it! Everyone did such a great job with it.

  19. I ‘met’ Dewey just after the Weekly Geeks started. And I wasn’t going to join the meme, but ended up playing anyway – I’ve met most of the books bloggers I know now because of Dewey. <3

  20. Long before I had my own blog I was reading lots of blogs. I love the Bookworm Carnival which was one of Dewey’s Creations. It was, and still is, fun to see how various bloggers post book reviews to match the theme. Dewey was indeed very creative and also very organized.

  21. Dewey is someone I too never had the pleasure to meet but I wish I had. I do get to know a bit about who she was through many of you who share these stories and keep the readathon going.

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