October 2015

Hour 16 – Still going strong?

Hey, everyone, I’m Dana and I’m be with you for the next few hours. *waves*

So we’re in hour 16. Yikes! Time flies when you’re having fun, huh? Still going strong? If not, now is a good time to drink some water and get up and move.

As I prepped my snacks and piled up my to be read books this week, I happened to run across this meme and thought it pretty much summed up my weekend…anyone else feel the same way?

bookish meme

Happy reading, ya’ll!


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Book Mad Libs

Still Going

Prize Winners


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4 thoughts on “Hour 16 – Still going strong?”

  1. WAAAHHHHH wish i had found this a day or two before today!!! good on you all for such hard core reading. Popping round some of this sites to offer some encouragement and snoop your reading lists lol.

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