Hour 16: Jane Austen is My Homegirl


Well…it’s my last hour with you friends. I’ve noticed some readers starting to hit a bit of a wall on Twitter so in the interest of waking  and cheering a few of you up…I have pulled out something for my Janeites and Downton Abbey fans. That’s right I have brought out the big guns. I’m going out with a bang! I know at least one of my readathon readers out there is holding an Austen tome and I will be later in the readathon I am sure. So I hope the video above will give a chuckle and help you make it on to hour 17 when your lovely host Andi will be taking over. I’ve so enjoyed spending the last few hours with you and I wish you all happy reading and the very best readathon yet! Courtney from Stiletto Storytime signing off!

“We read to know we are not alone.” ~C.S. Lewis

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17 thoughts on “Hour 16: Jane Austen is My Homegirl”

  1. Hi Andi

    Just want to say thanks to all of you hosting on the main page. I just finished a round of cheers and now I’ll find that book again. I haven’t been on the main site much but I have seen lots of great blogs.

    Keep on reading folks!

    Back in three hours.


  2. Andi is coming up next for Hour 17! But I am wishing everyone adieu! Thanks for being so wonderful!I know what you mean…looking at multiple screens for this many hours in a row…I’m ready for the written page and a snack!

  3. Well Jencey….I figured I’d try to wake people up…who wants to go out quietly right? 😉 Have a fabulous readathon and thanks for “hanging” out with me the last few hours!

  4. Thanks guys! I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t sneak some Jane in somewhere! Last year I had the midnight slot in April so I did the video below. That one will wake an Austen fan up too! 😉

  5. The video was hilarious!! I was actually have Persuasion on my list of books to read for the readathon and being that I just finished a book and saw the theme for this hour thought that it would be perfect for the book to be my next read. However I also realized that I have been reading nonfiction all day and since I have one more nonfiction book on my list, I should stick with it.

  6. “Persuasion” is one of my favorites….I think you will love it when you get to it. Also the adaptation with Ciaran Hinds is by far my favorite if you want to watch it as well!

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