October 2014

Hour 16: I’m Bringing Books Back

Welcome back! Courtney from Stiletto Storytime again. Thought I would get everyone awake with this fabulous parody from the Nashville Public Library since what else is readathon but all about the books? This is what librarians do when they get bored. Trust me, we are a fun bunch! Don’t believe the stereotype. I certainly never fit it, hence my blog name.

Is everyone ready to learn the winners from last hour’s Jane Austen themed giveaway? Our US winner is Georgia @ Things You Should  & our Intl winner is Nicole McFarlane. Just email me at stilettostorytime@gmail.com to claim your prizes ladies. Congrats and thanks to everyone who participated.

I trust everyone’s reading is going smoothly? Anyone lagging behind or getting sleepy eyed? If so or even if not I have a dare for you…I want you to get up and shake it off Taylor Swift style. I am dead serious. Get up and dance. This song is perfect for breaking the book blues that can start to hit about this time of readathon. Push through. You can do it! You can even hit YouTube for your favorite dance song of all time to inspire you. What would yours be if you HAD to choose just one? Come on dare to dance and share. Anyone brave enough to not just share a song but video of them dancing? You know I had to ask. You’d be the rock star of readathon!

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