April 2014, readathon

Hour 16 – One tab at a time!

Yess! Another hour passed! And reading this! We are awake! We are awesome! o/

You lot in the US have the night just starting, in Europe we have the sun rising soon, but no matter where we are we all know what’s coming…The cranky hours! We’re done, our brain’s fried and we have so much to do still!

An hour ago I sent you off to do something else. Has your mind rested a bit? Taking care of yourself? (You better say yes! 😀 ) To help you with life, because *think big* I present you: Elio!

So my advice? Full-ass one thing people! Bad-ass it if you can! With an audiobook. There’s always room for that. Or eh.. 😉

fanfic qualifies as reading books
I think it does. I /rule/ it does. Count the _words_ though.

Now admit it, we’ve all read some. Some very very good and some..err..not so much. There are even venn diagrams on the matter!
What’s your ‘secret’ fic? Leave it in the comments! I left a hint in the page >:3

After this hour I will be leaving you in the care of the lovely Shannon, returning to my own twitter and blog to host a challenge at Hour 17! Weaning me off, so to say :p

Thank you for being the amazing people you are, and…

hang in there original cat poster

pixel heart minecraft~ Cy-V

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15 thoughts on “Hour 16 – One tab at a time!”

  1. So I didn’t get up and do something new, but I read while my other puppy came to cuddle with me! I’m pretty sure she tried to murder me with kisses.

    I’ve actually not read fan fiction before! Unless Fifty Shades counts…

  2. Oh gawd, I’m a total guilty M-rated FanFiction reader. I just pick whichever couple I fancy shipping that week and find the dirtiest fiction I can, hehe. They have to be in-character though. That’s the whole point. I don’t want Loki to be a modern high school boy, or Harry Potter to be a vampire, or any other weirdness like that. Just… no. I can go months without reading any FF, then spend a week reading nothing but. Happily for Dewey Day, this isn’t one of those weeks. 😀

  3. I love this video, it feels motivating. I’m currently multitasking between studying and cheering and blog hopping. I think if I focused on studying alone I might go insane. xD Love the Parks & Recs ref. I love fanfiction, I was addicted, I have less time to read it now but I can’t resist a good Harry Potter or anime fic.

  4. When there are hourly mini-challenges by the awesome readathon team, the hours just fly by it seems!

    Oh.. I don’t read much fanfics anymore, but when I did, it was always Harry Potter ones. I unfortunately can’t remember the title anymore but there was a really good Draco/Harry one… where Draco takes some love potion and the first person he sees is Harry.. !

  5. After seeing the newest Captain America, I found myself completely wrapped up in (strangely) an Avengers/Stargate Atlantis crossover fic (and I’ve never even watched Stargate Atlantis!!).

    Before that, it was loads and loads of Veronica Mars fic 😉

  6. THANKS for that venn diagram. I didn’t even know I needed it in my life, and yet… it explains so much of my interactions with fanfiction!

  7. I read fanfiction. Sometimes more than normal fiction. If I could count them as books read in a year, I might actually complete the number of books I want to read in a year. I read Draco/Ginny; Hermoine/Snape (don’t judge);Voldemort crackfics; and some Derek/Casey fics from Life with Derek. Now I am judging myself. It is one of my biggest hidden secrets!

  8. Ah, fanfiction. A sometimes guilty pleasure. While I do not consider it something that should be compared to published works and should not be on sites like goodreads, it does still count as reading and is sometimes fun to do when waiting for a new book to come out or wishing a favorites book turned out different, etc. Although I never would have even thought to consider it for something like this.

  9. Venn Diagrams, what would we be without them!
    And this is seriously why I’ve never bothered with fan fiction until recently. But now I have found awesomely written ones! 😀 It’s a very limited pool to choose from though =(

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