October 2012, readathon

Hour 16


It’s Hour 16. Time for a quick assessment of how you are doing:

Are you awake? Check.

Are you still reading? Check.

Are you still blogging? Check.

Good job!  Give yourself a big round of applause.


Hi, I’m Deb from Readerbuzz. I’ll be your host for the next three hours. This is my tenth time to participate in Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon, but it is my very first time to co-host. And let me tell you a secret about me….I typically go to bed at eight o’clock every night and it’s ten here now in Alvin, Texas, USA. Please wish me good luck staying awake.


Can you smell my coffee brewing?


To keep those brain synapses snapping, here are seven bar jokes involving grammar and punctuation:


This hour we’ve got a lot more than just bar jokes involving grammar and punctuation. We’ve got a fabulous mini-challenge, Time Flies, hosted by Stacy. And I’ve drawn two lucky Readathon-ers (see below) to win sensational prizes! So hang in there! You can do it!



Stacy’s Time Flies


Winners Announced

Joy Renee’s Literary Challenge winners are:

Nova @ myseryniti
Hour 16 Cheerleader winner is Literary Lindsey!

Random Readathoners chosen this hour:

(1) Noumena12 Books

(2) Oliver V at 1330V

You’ve all won a prize!  Just email deweyreadathon at gmail with your pick off the prize list to claim!


Still Ongoing

Memory’s Picturrific

Rachel’s Fall Challenge



17 thoughts on “Hour 16”

  1. I am still up and reading….I gave up coffee a few months ago. This is my sixth Dewey’s Read-a-thon but my first without coffee and I am definitely feeling it! But I am really enjoying my book right now so I will push on! 😉

  2. Oh my, I’m so tempted to take a nap but I want to stay awake so badly! I usually go to bed early (although not as early as 8 o’clock) and now it’s getting to that point where my body is wearing down and ready for sleep.

    Do I need coffee? Red bull? A power nap? I don’t know!


  3. 10 read-a-tons?! I envy you! I took a mommy vacation last weekend and I couldn’t pull off another mom weekend so soon so I was happy to participate in a small way with the challenge. I’m so glad you guys like it 🙂 My neighbors did wonder what in the world I was doing out in the yard this afternoon.

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