April 2009, readathon

Hour 15

How’s it going? I know I’m ready for a stretch break again. Once I post this, I’m going to stand up and walk around for a few minutes (Maybe even do a few jumping jacks, as I just saw suggested on Twitter). (Official read-a-thon tweets are coming from @readathon.)

I’m also much relieved to see that one of our biggest cheerleaders over on Twitter today has been released from suspension (from tweeting too much, I think)! Yay, @BethFishReads! You’ve done an outstanding job today.

This hour we’ve got Karin‘s Creativity Challenge. The winner will receive a pack of book-related bookmarks (some of which are handmade).

The winner of Shannon’s Writer a Letter mini-challenge is Reeder’s Corner, congratulations! Send me an email (WordLily at gmail) to claim your prize (Suzy’s Zoo gift bag with reading themed bookmarks and stationery, plus one book from the list (your choice).

Still occurring:
Mid-Event Survey (this will be open through Hour 16)
Tammy’s mini-challenge (this one’s open through Hour 16)
Debbie’s mini-challenge (this one’s open until she’s given away all her books)
Vote for the winner of the comic challenge

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