Hour 15: The Importance of Snacks

I’m back again friends. Courtney from Stiletto Storytime here to talk about something very important to this event: food. Anyone whose participated in Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon knows that only one thing rivals the preparation of choosing your books and that is choosing your snacks! We all put a lot of thought into our preferred reading comfort foods whether it be your favorite candy or your secret caffeine pick me up for when it gets late into the night. This year was a bit different for me I must admit. I gave up coffee last year and most processed foods as well so when I went to make my grocery run in preparation for the readathon things were a bit off from previous years. In the end it’s green tea, pretzels and a naughty add in of almond M & Ms for me. I said…I gave up most processed foods. And everyone should indulge a bit for readathon right?

 So unlike cookie monster you can absolutely have your cookies and your books too! As we push on through hour 15 what are you currently nibbling on? It’s time to dish about your favorite snack and then back to the books with you!

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21 thoughts on “Hour 15: The Importance of Snacks”

  1. I’m about to dig into my delicious ice cream. I knew waiting would be worth it – I don’t care that it’s ten o’clock…this only happens twice a year, right?

  2. Snyders Jalapeno pretzels…. so good. i would love some chocolate but did not indulge when I went to the store. (Now I wish I would have 🙂 )

  3. I always stock up on way more snacks than I end up eating, which is okay with a teenaged boy in the house 🙂 I’m looking forward to some Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz, and ALL THE CHEESE. I bought like 4 kinds, and crackers, and pepperoni – that’s a snacking staple around here any ol’ day!

  4. Oh Jencey….don’t I know it. The things I have seen working a reference desk…you’d think I’d day I had seen the craziest working with kids but the adults in a public library take the cake by far! 😉

  5. I just had my dinner of Profiteroles with spinach artichoke and cheese and am snacking on some all natural citrus gum drops from Trader Joes. Yumm yumm. I also bought some dark chocolate espresso beans I will have a couple in a minute to stay awake. 🙂

  6. I baked chocolate muffins this morning before we started (at 7 a.m. here) and spinach/feta rolls for lunch. Added hummas and veggies. I’m thinking crackers and cheese sounds good right now. I’ve been munching on M&Ms and mixed nuts all afternoon, so I’m looking for something not sweet.

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