October 2011, readathon

Hour 15: Starfish Invasion

Who’s still with me??  I’m back for a couple of hours to tell you guys how much you rock… and to see if you’ve been ROCKIN’ THIS ‘THON, YO!

How are you coming on the goals you set during the Intro Meme?   Me?  I’m at 10 blogs commented on.  Gotta get that in gear.  And nowhere on my book, but hopefully that’ll change in the next couple of hours. Cross your fingers for me.

So, we’ve seen a lot of fun videos today.  Mine seem to be all dance-centric so I’m gonna keep with that theme and take a suggestion from Cheer Queen Trish…  The Starfish Dance.

Bonus points for you if you vlog it (and if you do, leave a comment with the link, pleeeeeeeeaze). But even if you don’t vlog it, get up and do it.

Mini-Challenge: Friendship

Still Ongoing: Feed Me, Seymour & Mid-Event Survey

Winners: Random Readers: Britni from Book Nook Club
Evelyn from Project Stash
Fyrefly from Fyrefly’s Book Blog

22 thoughts on “Hour 15: Starfish Invasion”

  1. Whoa, I’m glad she slowed that down there at the beginning. Pretty sure if I tried it at tempo I’d fall on my butt. Which might make an entertaining vlog…for everyone else 🙂

  2. ok whew! I feel better knowing im not the only one who hasn’t made much progress! lol I’ll be needing those cheerleaders in another hr or two! haha

  3. Just finished my cheer tweeting … all the H-Js with Twitter handles. Must admit I have tweet fatigue. But not complaining. Impressed by all the über readers!! Have commented H-Js except about the last 10 readers … Who I will hit early on the am.

    Gnite. GREAT job readers & cheerers … & organizers!!

  4. I’ve read more blogs than books, I did finish one short book.
    I’m going to get off the computer and try to read, I’ll cheer on a few more readers at midnight I think!!!

  5. still reading here in Seattle but I have been fighting tiredness all day–not really sure how long I will make tonight…

  6. So I needed a drastic break and the starfishdance seems to be a good challenge to take a rest and do physical activity (is all about moving your body, walking to school, riding the bike, reading for 24 hours , you name it!)

  7. I’m not going to lie–I did vlog the dance but my head was cut off and so I looked RIDICULOUS. DELETE!! The opening vlog this morning will have to do…

    RAH RAH!! 😉

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