October 2017

Hour 15 – Productive Break Taking

Hey – hi – hey! What are you doing reading this? I thought you were doing a readathon?? Ha ha ha ha just kidding, I am the most notorious of notorious break takers and my name is Julianne. Hey, how ya doing? If we aren’t close friends yet, I’m from the blog Outlandish Lit and I am MORE THAN thrilled to be helping you all procrastinate for a brief moment before diving back into reading. And, let’s be honest, I’m thrilled to be running the official Readathon twitter for the next three hours! (Readathon itself is handing me an excuse to take a break? We are a match made in heaven). Check out and use the hashtag #readathon to get in on it!

ENOUGH JOKING AROUND, it’s time to get serious and talk about productive break taking as opposed to the kind that I do. If it’s getting late and you’re starting to lose steam, it’s definitely a good idea to take a productive break about now.

Some suggestions for you:

  • Power nap! 20 minutes. Do NOT hit snooze.
  • Take a cleaning break. This always reinvigorates me. And it gives me one less random thing to focus on when I should be reading. Sometimes just taking care of the thing in the back of your head can make the marathon reading a much more pleasant experience. But, again, set a timer. Don’t end up cleaning the whole house.
  • Dance break/yoga break/stretch break.
  • Twitter break!! Come say hi to me!


If marathoning is still wearing on you a bit at this point and you’ve put in a number of hours that you feel happy with (you should be happy with any FYI, bc you are great), maybe take the opposite approach. Have you heard of the productivity technique called Pomodoro? There are a ton of apps for it, but you can just use a timer as well. For 25 minute spurts you focus on only one activity (in this case reading). Then you spend 5-10 minutes relaxing/doing whatever. Rinse and repeat. Swap those numbers around if the reading still feels like a little much. Think of the small increments of time reading as the break from real life and you might be more inclined to enjoy it. That’s why we’re here, right?? And every ten minutes spent reading adds up. Have fun with it!



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