October 2015

Hour 15 – Let’s Talk About Food, Baby

Hour 15!!!!!!!!! This is Andi from Estella’s Revenge making a quick appearance before I come back on the scene in Hours 19 and 20!


Today has been a great day for mini-challenges, #fakefacts, Twitter, and Instagram is on fire! At my house it’s also been a great day for food!


My husband threw a salisbury steak recipe into the slow cooker today, so it was ready to go right around dinner time. We also whipped up this amazing pumpkin pecan cobbler and topped it with some vanilla ice cream. Super easy recipes if you decide to partake.

What was your favorite food you indulged in today (so far)? 


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Accio, Cinnamon Rolls!

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9 thoughts on “Hour 15 – Let’s Talk About Food, Baby”

  1. Oh! I have lots of favorites today—Crispix Mix, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Cheese and Crackers and the traditional Chinese take out my husband always brings home on read-a-thon nights!

  2. Oh, dear, I have not been the best with eating today. 🙁 But I did have some yummy Panda Express (Rice, Orange Chicken, 2 Veggie Rolls) earlier!

  3. I made a cheese pot with roasted veggies, 7 cheeses, spinach, fresh herbs, chopped homemade salami, bacon, fire roasted tomatoes. Finished it with homemade toffee coated in chocolate, almonds and pecans. In an hour a stout ice cream float! Let’s talk about it!

  4. I made popcorn earlier and for dinner I baked some shrimp and cooked some scalloped potatoes, reading while things baked/cooked/were devoured. 😉

    I’ve also kept my glass full of iced tea all day long. 🙂

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