April 2015, readathon

Hour 15 – I Feel So Alive!


Hi there, Readathoners! This is Shannon from River City Reading pulling up a chair to help guide many of you into the wee hours. This is usually my favorite time of the Readathon—right when I get a second wind and get some great reading done.

So, did you read in a specific order today? Did you set aside something fun for later to help keep you awake or are you hoping you can power through no matter what?


Music is Muse

Still Going

Prize Winners


Now you can celebrate the Readathon year-round with Dewey’s swag! We use the earnings to cover charges associated with prize shipping, customs charges, and domain costs. 

Enter your finished books into the DATABASE!

2 thoughts on “Hour 15 – I Feel So Alive!”

  1. Just a heads up – the link for the Get Fit challenge doesn’t seem to be working? I’ve tried it a couple of times and it doesn’t get me to the right page.

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