April 2016

Hour 15 – Jane Austen Lives Again Giveaway

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Okay ladies and gentlemen I don’t know if you have taken notice but I obviously have slipped into something more suitable for Hour 15. I’m now wearing more appropriate attire for perusing one of my treasured Austen volumes. Vintage Red Roses seemed more appropriate for this lovely illustrated edition of Emma. How about you? How are you reading? Cozy? Cute? Pajamas? I’m about to know…..

Those of you who have been readathon-ing with us for a few years might remember I always go all Janeite for one of my hosting hours. Every year I try to help my fellow Austen lovers get to enjoy an opportunity for a little more Jane in their life by introducing new works and authors of the Austenesque genre. This year I was able to get the fabulous Jane Odiwe to join us and she has been gracious enough to offer a copy of her newest work Jane Austen Lives Again  to one lucky readathon reader.


The giveaway entry time period will only last for Hour 15. I will choose a winner randomly and announce at the end of the hour on this post. To enter simply submit a picture of how you are fashionably reading during this readathon in the comments below. Don’t be shy! This giveaway is INTL so everyone is welcome to participate. Please leave a twitter handle or email just in case so I can find you if you are the lucky recipient of a new copy of Jane Austen Lives AgainAnd if you are a Austen lover make sure and check out Austen Effusions where all of Jane Odiwe’s works can be viewed along with her fabulous blog Jane Austen Sequeals. We want to thank her again for generously trying to make one lucky readathoner’s night a little merrier.


So I simply can’t wait to see how you are lounging or styling for readathon! It’s all in good fun and as a librarian I just can’t help but want to give people books. So post your pics below. Then get a proper cup of tea and settle in for the next hour. I will be passing you off to your next co-host Dana so I do wish you good luck in the following hours. Remember we only get to do this together twice a year so let’s make it count. I’ll be reading with you.

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43 thoughts on “Hour 15 – Jane Austen Lives Again Giveaway”

  1. Paula- That warmed my Janeite heart. Lauren- You are gonna make my husband geek out if I show him that! That’s awesome. You are ALL in.

  2. All Readathoners need that “Read Hard” shirt Kaia! Kelsey- I am a firm believer that cozy is key!

  3. My husband, my best friend and myself all have matching t-shirts for today. They all ready “Sorry My Weekend Is All Booked”. We got some interesting looks when we were at Starbucks!

  4. No picture here (I’m in bed now, tapping out early like always), but I enjoyed staying in my pjs all day and curling up with a fuzzy blanket. Not sure if it’ll count without a picture…

  5. Umm…Sarah first I am jealous of how comfy you look and secondly of the fact you are in Tuscany!!

  6. No problem Kristie! Fuzzy blankets totally count. I will be under my electric throw when I cuddle up and go back to reading soon!

  7. Okay guys I assigned you each a number by order of comment and the random generator picked….drum roll….Alix!! And her rainbow socks! Congrats to Alix!

  8. Hi, thanks for the post and all the Jane Austen links. Saw Jane Eyre on TV yesterday, love period dramas! Saved the book name on my to read list. Was asleep in hour 15, back reading now.

  9. Alix- We have tried to reach you but no luck as of yet. Please contact me at @stiletostorytime on Twitter or stilettostorytime@gmail.com within the next 24 hours in order for us to have your giveaway copy on it’s way. Thank you so much. Congrats again. ~Courtney & Jane

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