April 2014, readathon

Hour 15 – Note to self!

note to self put book down cook dinner self to note shut upHeyyoo everyone! Hour 15 has arrived! *o/*

Cy-V here taking over from Deb! If you haven’t, be sure to show her some love for not forgetting to be awesome!
For those who haven’t met me yet: You can call me [si-v]. Or Cy.
My friends call me Spam. (^_^;)

Let’s start off with a big thank you to Andi and Heather and all the others for all the things they did you didn’t get to see! Lots of people being short on sleep before we even started from working hard all week, so show them some love on the twitters! And let’s not forget all the cheerleaders rah-rah-rah-ing all over the place! I see you ._______.

For some reason all these lovely people trusted me to be your vaksian ruler host for the next two hours! Now..

How are you all? Staying hydrated? Have you eaten or moved recently? How well are you caffeinated? Should I be worried?

Remember folks: this is not about reading all those books you put out! Change your perspective and see what you have done in the past 14 hours – and compare that to any other day. And even so, it is okay to fail. It is not about the numbers, it is about the fun in it.

Hm. That doesn’t sound very vex. Hmm…Yes! I know! o/
Grab something warm and cuddly and just stare at Tumblr or take a nap. Or stare at the #catladiesofreadathon tag. It’s ok. Let your brain settle. Here, have a video where they replaced the velociraptors in Jurassic park with kittens. Much better =^x^=

Do check back in though! Don’t wonder off, just remember to allow yourself breaks! There are lots of lovely things going on, such as the things below!

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The Space Between

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13 thoughts on “Hour 15 – Note to self!”

  1. No worries, I’m having a blast so far! It actually looks like I’ll be hitting my goal earlier than usual, which means I might switch back to audio earlier and be more social earlier! Fun! Or I’ll just add another book! Decisions, decisions… 😛

  2. CAT LADIES OF READATHON! I’m seriously disappointed that neither of mine have joined me to ‘help’ me read yet. One of them tried to ‘help’ by licking the ham on my pizza, then trying to eat her way into a jam donut bag, but every time I started to take a picture for my next update she moved. Stealthy snack thief… I shall be following this hashtag for the rest of the day. Officially. 😀

  3. I love what you said about not thinking of all the books we haven’t read, but of all the things we did today! It’s so true– I may not have read as much today as I wanted, but I got to hang out with lots of great people and cheer others on and take lots of pictures and it was great! And it’s still not over!


  4. Hey Cy-V! Thanks for being our host for a little while! I just had to bust out some more caffeine as the yawns were taking over. My eyes were starting to cross too so I had to stop 15 pages before the end of my book! Gah! I walked around some but my back is kinda hurting so I’m going to do some yoga and stretching. How is everything going with YOU? 🙂

  5. Oh wow! I’m a door prize winner! First time ever in I don’t know how many read-a-thon’s now, 6 or 8 maybe? *dances around for a little bit* Thanks so much! And thanks to our awesome cheerleaders on the Hughes team, and all the rest, you are what keep people going!

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