April 2012, readathon

Hour 15- Rock n’ Roll Readers

Well Hello all you Rock n’ Roll readers! My hope is that Hour 15 finds you all well and that my little stroll down Sesame Street memory lane may have perked you up a bit!  My name is Courtney and I blog at Stiletto Storytime where I blog about just about anything book related for all ages and genres.  I will be your host for the next few hours of the readathon and I am super excited since this is my first time ever co-hosting. As a librarian I love sharing the written word and am so excited to be a bigger part of the readathon than I have been in the last four times that I have participated.

First I hope everyone is just chucking along in their reading. Easy Peasy, right? I know it’s getting into the big push soon. But we can do it!

Secondly, I did want to mention three giveaways I am having on Stiletto Storytime. This gives everyone a chance at just maybe winning one or two prized tomes for their shelves. Below are the giveaways. No need to follow or do anything other than comment. I don’t try to get big numbers of followers….I just love to get books in people’s hand with the hope that reading will occur. Also if you would like to include a giveaway you might be having on your blog in the comments below…please do. Let’s help up the ante for readathon! Good Luck to All and Happy Reading!

Giveaways at Stiletto Storytime

  • Win a copy of Sarah Pekkanen’s latest These Girls (Fabulous Adult Contemporary Fiction for Women) Enter Here.
  • Win a copy of K.L.Glanvilles’s 2108: Eyes Open (YA Science Fiction/Fantasy) Enter Here.
  • Win one of two copies of Susie Moloney’s The Thirteen (Creepy Adult Contemporary Horror for Women) Enter Here.

Current Minichallenges

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8 thoughts on “Hour 15- Rock n’ Roll Readers”

  1. Thanks Jencey…my name is actually Courtney. I know it can be confusing when you look at the blog post part. I love Sarah Pekkanen’s work…they just get better and better with each release in my opinion! “These Girls” was my favorite so far to date.

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