October 2010

Hour 15

So.  You’ve made it to Hour 15.  That’s impressive, right?  I’m thinking yes.  Impressive.  You get to pick an adjective to describe today, what is it?  Fantastic maybe?  (Watch this, then tell us!)

Who’s hoarding the Readathon Pills?  Hey… is it Colette at A Buckeye Girl Reads?

Oh, and btw, most of you know me as I Heart Monster.  Just so you know who’s dropping in and saying hi!


Wordle Review hosted by Carina at Reading Through Life

Wordle a post that you love.

Winners announced

Colette at A Buckeye Girl Reads – random winner.  Email us. with the prize you’d like and your mailing addy.

We’re also awarding another awesome cheerleader, Mister BIP.  Email us with the prize you’d like and your mailing addy, Mr. ;o)

The winner of the Attempting Audiobooks Challenge is Bonny from The Chirping Wren!  Congrats, Bonny!

Birgit is the winner of my Microfiction Mini Challenge!  Here’s her winning Microfiction:

The teenage girl had watched the man for several weeks now. He had seemed a strange man, but all he really did was sit on a bench for a couple of hours every day. Today she decided that she’d approach him and ask the one question that was bothering her.
“Um, sir, who are you?”
The man looked at her with a straight face and said, “I’m a vampire.”
There was silence.
“Then if you’re a vampire, then why aren’t you sparkling in the sunlight?”
“Read Dracula, kid. Dracula walked in the sun and didn’t sparkle.”

Birgit – email me, ’cause you didn’t leave your email addy!  We’ll get you hooked up with your prize.

Still ongoing

Title Word Scramble

Under the Covers

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23 thoughts on “Hour 15”

  1. Haha… that short fiction is awesome. I admit, though, I have Twilight on my shelf now. Right next to Narnia (which I still haven’t read all of… I should get on that), and Harry Potter.

  2. I made till the 15th hour! But I’m so tired (it’s 4:30 am on this side of the globe) that I’m thinking of taking a nap… and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to wake up! LOL Hang in there ya’all!

  3. @alisonwonderland – try it again now… it seems to be working for me! Sorry you’re having troubles :o(

  4. alisonwonderland, I’m having trouble, too. I saw two links and a place to post your link, but when I tried it wouldn’t go through and now all the links are gone?

  5. Thanks very much for the prize….it’s been a blast cheer-leading for everyone. What a great group in this Read-A-Thon!

    @Jenn+thecats – thank you for the compliment….and you better still be reading! 😛 (j/k)

    @Gnoe – Don’t give up! 😀

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