April 2010, readathon

Hour 15

Hey, people you are doing great! Keepin’ in the game and staying strong. I hope you like the video above, I have watched it so many times and shared it- and it still makes me laugh every time. We all need that right, a good laugh!? So take advantage and watch it.

Angels Needed!

Oh, okay we are running low (actually in the red here) on Angels. Angels, you ask? Yes, we call them Angels because what they do is make it possible for the readathon prizes to be open internationally since many of the donors are already going out of their way to give the books, we need the Angels to pay to get them to the winners. This year we have more international peeps than usual and have completely run out of Angels!!!! We really need your help so that the readathoners from all over the world can get their books and bookie things. International Priority Flat Rate (envelope that fits one book, box that would fit a few) is $13.45. So it’s not too expensive, but we couldn’t do it without your help. If you are interested please head on over and fill out this Angel Form. Thank you so much!


You are in for a treat! Because now you get to do the Once upon a Reading mini challenge with Sheila at Book Journey. She’ll be challenging you to show your creative side, and it involves writing a short story post using book titles. Ya gotta go see!

Readers of the Hour

This hour I get to pick 5 readers of the hour:  Anna & The Girl  from Diary of an Eccentric, Bea from How Novel! , Meet Cute, Brittany from The Words of a Writer go comment on their blogs and one LUCKY commenter will be selected later on for a p book of his or her choice! Comment away!

Winners Announced

No winners to announce this hour- check back!!

Challenges Still Open

Romancing Your Friendship

How are you holding up? Are you getting more distracted than you expected? Are the twinkies calling your name yet?

26 thoughts on “Hour 15”

  1. No twinkies calling my name yet, but there is a PB&J sandwich (and coffee). Seriously, though, I’m not that tired. (Could have something to do with the 3 hour nap I took today. LOL) I was a little too easily distracted earlier, but I’ve come to the really good part of the book and I’m anxious to see what happens. (My mind is swirling with possibilities…I so can’t wait to rave about Siberia to everyone I know.)

    I hope all the other readathon-ers are having a blast too!

  2. A couple of hours of cheerleading has worn me out, but it’s been fun! Time to put the pom-poms down and read, and eat Twinkies.

  3. It doesn’t even really feel like i’ve been reading most of the day (once you subtract all the interruptions). It feels like i just started a couple of hours ago.

  4. I totally should have watched the video before commenting. Amazing. I hate to admit it, but it made me cry and laugh. It always warms my heart to see happy people connecting around the world. And dancing doesn’t hurt either. (Yes, I am in fact a big emotional softy.)

  5. I had some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (New York Super Fudge Chunk) a little while ago, but now I feel yucky. My kids are doing yoga believe it or not…maybe I should join them! Either that or a hot bath!

  6. Nice to see younger kids doing the read-a-thon. tried to convince my daughter to join but she already read quite a bit and wanted to spend time with her friends. Maybe next year.

  7. I would love to be an angel but I live overseas. Any chance you have a paypal account that we can make donations to? I would be glad to help out financially.

  8. I’m dying to eat Easter Chocolates but I still can’t open my mouth more than an inch. This is ridiculous! I usually use Chocolate to keep my awake.

    I just finished playing Wii Fit while listening to an audio CD. Recommended if you want to get moving!

  9. Getiing kinds tired actually. *fingers stumble tiredly over cell phone keys* my friend heidi stopped about 2 hrs ago because she’s had to much caffeeine and now is not feeling well. :(so 13 hrs for her which is good for a first timer. She totally did not want to stop though. Well back to reading. I’ve read a little over 400 pages so I’m almost halfway to my goal of 1000 pages.goodluck to those of you that remain
    *Elaine Grace*

  10. Thankful for my stash of peeps and some fresh brewed green tea. That video was great, now I am having fun creating a story with book titles.

  11. I’m more tired because I had a poor night’s sleep last night than I am from reading. I am enjoying this so much and can’t believe how fast time has flown. I love to go out to eat, but when my husband suggested dinner out I really didn’t want to leave my stack of books! 🙂

    I needed the break though and after a delicious meal, I’m ready to get back at it again! Having a blast!

  12. Thanks for the Matt Video. He makes this look easy! Just sent son off to Sadie Hawkins Dance- had big bowl of Bunny Tracks Ice Cream. Will try to read some more before kids end up back here for movie after dance……..at least they will keep me awake!

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