April 2015, readathon

Hour 14 – Push Your Book!


And so are you!

Hey Readathoners! It’s the gals from The Socratic Salon again…

Monika: What are you all reading today that you want to bully the rest of us into discussing on TSS?

Jennifer: I’m going to be reading a bunch of graphic novels today. I would love to discuss a mind-bending comic on The Socratic Salon one day. Maybe Sex Criminals? Perhaps Lumberjanes?  There are so many that would be great for a deep discussion. So, do it!

Monika: Lumberjanes would be so much fun to discuss!

Catherine: The only opportunity I’ll have for reading is when I’m getting my hair done because this is going to be a weekend from hell. So, it’s likely to be The Book of Aron- which I packed and took over to the new house because I’m so naive I thought we’d be living there by now. Hah!

April: Oo. I want to read Sex Criminals! I’m listening to Vanity Fair and still working on Cloud Atlas. Though if you’re low on books today you need to be bullied into reading All the Birds, Singing, there’s SO. MUCH. to discuss in there.


Shannon: SO agreed on All the Birds, Singing. That was a previous Readathon read for me!

What about you, dear readers? Are you reading anything during Readathon that you feel must be discussed? Drop them in our suggestion box!



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