October 2014

Hour 14 – Other Benefits

One of my favorite things about the read-a-thon is connecting to other readers. Especially new to me blogs. Some of my favorite people are bloggers that I “met” during Dewey’s.

As we’re into hour 14, take some time to find some new to you bloggers/twitter/tumblr/whoevers and connect to this awesome world of bookish people. And then let me know in the comments who you found!

I’ve enjoyed my time with you all. The lovely Courtney from Stileto Storytime is here to take you through the next couple of hours. If you have a chance, come say hi at my blog.  Happy reading, ya’ll!



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5 thoughts on “Hour 14 – Other Benefits”

  1. I try to visit a few new to me blogs every hour of the readathon… I can not recall all who I have seen but I know I did go meet Shannon @ River City Reading, Literary Worm, Felicia @ Geeky Bloggers Book Blog, Amanda @FigandThistle, Ashley @ Falling Down The Book Hole , Kay @ Dead Book Darling, Melissa @ Jayne’s Books, Serena @ Reading Over Sleeping…

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