Hour 14: Grumpy Cat Giggles

Bonjour! Courtney from Stiletto Storytime here again. How are we doing readers? Hoping Grumpy Cat might inspire some giggles and keep you going for another hour. In the meantime my set up of juggling two laptops seems to be highly entertaining to my husband as I attempt to keep an eye on all things readathon during my assigned hours. Readathon doesn’t just happen folks…a lot of work by a lot of people but worth every bit. Let’s take a moment to thank all involved in this fantastic event from our hosts to our co-hosts, cheerleaders, prize donors and most importantly our readers! Whether it’s your first or your seventh like me…you’ll find nothing quite compares to Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon. And if it is your first well…be warned it’s addictive and I just know you’ll be back. There’s nothing quite like us all reading together around the globe.

So keep those pages turning folks and I’ll see you in an hour!

Mini Challenges

Nea’s Share a Quote 

Mini Challenges Still Ongoing

Azuki’s Cooking the Books

Mid-Event Survey

Winners Announced – E-mail to claim a prize from the Prize Page!

1. Jane at Jane’s Book Blog
2. Taliah @Librariantaliah

Cheerleader Winner

A big shout out to Belle at Ms Bookish for keeping everyone pumped up!

And don’t forget to add the books you’ve read during this year’s Readathon to the database here!

11 thoughts on “Hour 14: Grumpy Cat Giggles”

  1. I am grateful for everyone who gets involved each year, always find a few new friends. I am having fun with Twitter and Instagram this year too.
    Great job everyone and thank you!

  2. A huge thank you to our fearless leaders who put this together every 6 months and for our hourly hosts! You guys are all awesome!

  3. Two lap tops? That is brilliant! I hope I get to co host again… I will totally do two lap tops 😉 There is a lot to keep an eye but it was so much fun. 🙂 I have participated since 2009, been on the cheer team before, mini challenge line up team, and this time I had the please of being one of the hosts. LOVE the Dewey Read A Thon and all it stands for 🙂

  4. Sheila- I highly recommend the two lap tops…I might look a bit silly at my little station but it’s a bit easier!

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