April 2016

Hour 14 – Let’s Party

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Greetings everyone! This is Courtney at @stiletostrytime getting ready to  co-host you for the next hour or so. Hope you are still going strong but if not I have a little something to perk you up. I’m sure you knew we had to slip some Prince in here at some point. For me here in EST it’s 9:00 pm so it seemed appropriate to have us wake up a bit by partying like it’s 1999. And as we party we can enjoy the out of this world gifts he left us as a musician and a masterful artist of words. So get up, maybe get moving…we have a ways to go to finish this readathon.

Speaking of readathon…what are you reading right now? Me, well I’m settled in for a little dose of Game of Thrones. I have a confession though. I have a bit of a legging problem. My husband might say it is an addiction. If possible I like my leggings to match various things so for readathon if I am reading of Jon Snow, I have to rock my wolves right?  #TeamStark and all that. What are you wearing this readathon?


I’lll give you a hint for Hour 15 as this is a bit of a clue. I have a surprise coming up next hour so this pic might have something to do with how you enter….until then keep reading. You got this! And don’t for get to do the mid-event survey below. You’ve made it this far. And enter all finished books in the database. You’ve earned it.


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10 thoughts on “Hour 14 – Let’s Party”

  1. Awesome guys…keep those literary clothing items ready. Gonna have a surprise giveaway coming up that involves just that!

  2. Awesome Elizabeth! And Stacy- That makes you cool automatically! I need one to go with all my wolf leggings. I was looking at the “You know nothing Jon Snow” one. LOL

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