October 2011

Hour 14: Also Known as “Pizza Time” In Some Parts of the World

You’ve made it to hour 14! Check you out! I think we all know what you need right about now, and I’m going to provide it for you: Dolly Parton in full bedazzled glory, being pushed around on desks by various Disney characters:

I certainly feel refreshed after that, don’t you?

This is my last post of co-hosting; thank you for hanging out  and watching Scissor Sisters and Queen and Dolly Parton videos with me. I hope you sang along and danced the starfish dance while watching the clips. I knew I loved the book blogosphere for a reason. (Don’t worry, Shesten will be back to entertain you, so you won’t be alone.)

Up This Hour, We Have:

A BRAND NEW Mini-Challenge

Kimberly over at Fancy Terrible is hosting a challenge she’s calling Feed Me, Seymour. I’m into anything related to musicals, so I know I’ll be checking it out. (Note: This may or may not have anything to do with musicals, so ignore what I said if you don’t like musicals and check out the mini-challenge anyway.) The prize, open to US and Canadian participants, is a lovely hand knitted bookmark.


Hodge-Podge Proposal
Mid-Event Survey

WINNERS of the Book Sentences Mini-Challenge

RANDOM WINNERS of Awesomeness from Our Prize Page

Oh, and in case you were hanging on to the edge of your chair before when I mentioned I was ordering pizza, I’d just like you to know that a) it was delivered and b) it was delicious. Also, you know what? It’s my last cohosting post…I’m posting more Dolly Parton.

Bonjour Cass OUT.

20 thoughts on “Hour 14: Also Known as “Pizza Time” In Some Parts of the World”

  1. Mmmm, pizza. Thanks for hosting! And yay, prize!! Now that I have Little Shop of Horrors stuck in my head, I’m off to check out this latest minichallenge…

  2. Sorry folks! The challenge hasn’t been posted yet, but as soon as it is I will double check the link! I’m on it!

  3. aww thanks for hosting! And i LOVED the dolly parton video! 9 to 5 is one of my fave songs! I was definately dancing and singing along! But now I can’t get it out of my head and concentrate on my bk! lol Ahhh!!!

  4. That’s what’s been missing from this readathon – Disney characters! Thanks for rectifying that. I’ll keep checking back for the challenge.

  5. Ooohh… Lemon cake…. I had some turkey jerky a bit ago… protein. I’m eyeing the peanut butter jar… that’s protein too… maybe I can smear some on a Hershey’s bar… Heh.

  6. gosh now i’m hungry! Thanks guys! lol Do strawberry cake balls covered in white chocolate count as dinner? Or would that induce a sugar coma? lol

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