April 2012, readathon

Hour 14 – You can do it!

This is my last hour with you all before I return to full time reading and I have to say that it has been a pleasure. Readathon is the greatest thing — ever.

If you’re feeling like you’re in a slump (which can happen at this point), pick up a different book! Find something with a faster pace and keep yourself engaged. Pick up another snack or go ahead and start on the caffeine. You only have a few more hours so enjoy it while you can!

You can do it!

Oh, yes, we can. And yes, we will!

Current Minichallenges

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21 thoughts on “Hour 14 – You can do it!”

  1. I have to go to bed because my gallbladder is causing me ridiculous amounts of pain and I can’t concentrate. I’m likely to be awake a while longer, though, so I might wander round people’s blogs and do some impromptu cheerleading on my tablet!

  2. Well, Fictionally Inclined has a great challenge. I am excited because I should finish my book this hour. 🙂 Hope everyone else is making progress.

  3. Yay for hour 14 I am ready for another 10 hours of awesome reading! And I am sooooo glad my roommates understand my madness.

  4. I totally fell asleep reading! gah! and I had to buy groceries but I’m back in the pages. Is this an appropriate time for the coffee at night? Glad I’m here for the fun.

  5. Congrats on everyone who has been in the readathon the entire time! Due to my schedule I have only been participating for almost three hours. 🙁 I just posted my first update and about to participate in Kanaye mini challenge since I found a working link! Yeah! Continue with the awesome reading everyone!

  6. Are there any cheerleaders available for me by any chance? I’m feeling a bit burned out. This happens very, very rarely but I feel like watching TV so I don’t have to use my brain anymore.

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