October 2010

Hour 14

Hey guys, Shesten here, taking over! How are all of you this evening?

So, what’s tempting you right now? I know it’s not sleep! I know it’s NOT! I got this lovely mini bundt cake from the bridal shower I went to this afternoon (I know, I totally cheated and took a longer than normal break) and I’m so totally tempted to eat it!


Under the Covers hosted by Vickie at Reading at the Beach

When the cover doesn’t match what’s inside the book.

Winners announced

The winner of the Shake Your PomPoms Mini Challenge is Erin from Erin Reads!  Congrats, Erin!  Check for an email soon!

The winner of the Pet Pics Mini Challenge was Cass from BonjourCass.com

We have selected another random participant winner, Book Snob Wannabe!  Email us with the prize you’d like and your mailing address!  Thanks for participating in the Read-A-Thon!

Still ongoing

Title Word Scramble
Mid-Event Meme

25 thoughts on “Hour 14”

  1. I have homemade brownies calling to me! I made them yesterday, in case I needed them today, and it looks like I’m going to. Yay for planning ahead!

  2. At the moment, that cinnamon cake tempts me and I don’t even like cinnamon 😉 I was tempted to sleep a few hours ago (now it’s 3 am here) but not anymore, now I’m wide awake & I’m reading 🙂

  3. Okay, that is totally not fair! I wasn’t even hungry until I seen that picture..LOL What is tempting me right now is the TV!!! I want to watch a good horror flick thats on…LOL

  4. Going out on date night and then coming back to continue with Atlas Shrugged. I’m sorry I’m missing those challenges though!
    It’s fun knowing others are there.

  5. OMG OMG OMG!!!! I won something! I would like to thank the academy…… LOL!! Seriously thanks for considering me for a prize. I am having fun just participating in the event. Now lets see what prize is in store for me!! YEAH!!

  6. Temptation? I’m counting on sugar to get me through the next 10+ hours. Next variation on that theme is a cup of cocoa, courtesy of Mister BIP, who likes his with chili peppers in it. Have fun with your shift at the helm, Shesten, and enjoy your treat! And good luck to all the continuing Read-A-Thoners!

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