October 2009, readathon

Hour 14

LOLcat with DS

Gratuitous cat picture time!

We have two mini-challenges for you this hour: Energize Yourself! A Yoga Mini-Challenge hosted by Soleil, and Music to Read By, hosted by Jill.

Soleil’s winner will get a book of their choice up to $20 and a Jennifer Gordon Bookmark. Jill’s gets a $15 gift card to Powell’s or Amazon.

We also have 5 readers of the hour for you to visit:

Schatzi (the stacks my destination)

Suey (It’s All About Books)

Diane (Bibliophile by the Sea)

Icedream (Reading in Appalachia)

Mari (Mari Reads)

Go say hi!


The winners of Nicole‘s mini-challenge are:

Icedream @ Reading in Appalachia ($15 Gift certificate to Barnes & Noble)

Velvet @ vvb32 Reads (The Magicians by Lev Grossman)

And the winner of my mini-challenge from hour 10 is Andi.

Congratulations! Don’t forget to e-mail deweyreadathon at gmail to clain your prizes.

Due to an earlier misunderstanding, Wendy had to draw another winner for her mini-challenge, and the winner is: Chris! Congratulations!

Still happening:
Mid-event meme (last hour)
Tara’s Mini-Challenge (last hour)
Trisha’s Mini-Challenge

14 thoughts on “Hour 14”

  1. I think the cat wants a song:

    It’s astounding, time is fleeting
    Reading takes its toll
    But listen closely, not for very much longer
    You’ve almost met the goal

    I remember doing the Read-a-thon
    During those moments when
    The blackness would hit me and sleep would be calling
    Let’s do the readathon again…
    Let’s do the readathon again!

    It’s just a book in your hand
    And then a flip of the page
    With your eyes on the words
    You let your mind engage
    But it’s the cheerleaders that really drive you insane,
    Let’s do the readathon again!

    Your book is dreamy, or hot and steamy
    It stars a banshee, or no one at all
    It’s in another dimension, there’s no comprehension
    Oh no, there’s none at all
    With a bit of a page flip
    You’re suddenly on a space ship
    And nothing can ever be the same
    You’re strung out on cookies, you sound like a Wookie
    Let’s do the readathon again!

    Well I was strolling through the bookstore just havin’ a look
    When what should I espy but my next book
    It shook me up, it took me by surprise
    It had a sale tag and Care gave it 5 pies.
    It lured me in and I felt a change
    Time meant nothing, never would again
    Let’s do the readathon again!

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