Hour 13: It’s in a Book

Hi readers! It’s Courtney from Stiletto Storytime here to keep you going for the next few hours. I’m so excited to be co-hosting again this year and able to share this great event with all of you. I hope you are all still going strong as we passed the half way mark just a short hour ago. I woke up this morning not feeling so well but am determined to push on through…after all this is Dewey Day and we only get it twice a year right?

We’re all here because we love to read. It’s really that simple. As a children’s librarian I’ve learned that that little seed of books and reading was probably planted long ago. For me when I think of my childhood and books…lots of things come to mind and Reading Rainbow is one of them. Whenever I hear the theme song to Reading Rainbow I go back to a simpler time when books equaled pure happiness in the simplest form. So I thought I would take you back to that childhood moment for a just a second. Maybe Reading Rainbow did the same for you, maybe your kids watched it or maybe it will lead you to think of a favorite childhood reading memory of your own. Maybe it will make you smile…if so then mission accomplished.

So as we head into hour 13 of reading…share something that sticks out about books and reading from your own childhood. Maybe it was a certain person that got you reading or a book that you just could not put down? Now off you go..READ!

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23 thoughts on “Hour 13: It’s in a Book”

  1. I loved Reading Rainbow! I have a ton of books I read over and over again as a kid, but one of my favorites was Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. Loved that one!

  2. I wish there was more reading in my childhood. Really all I remember are disney books based off of the films that came out in the 90’s.

  3. Ruth- That’s the best memories of reading a child can possibly have….sharing it with someone they love especially a parent. That’s the main reason I became a children’s librarian, the chance that maybe just maybe when a child thinks back…I might pop into their head as that person…especially if they didn’t have a parent that encouraged reading like your Mother!

  4. I remember loving this book that had a recipe for chocolate covered cherries at the end of it. I cannot remember the title. I also loved The Paperbag Princess. 😀

  5. I was the only avid reader in my family – too-busy parents and not-as-interested sisters – but family members were great about gifting me with books. My grandmother wanted me to be a reader and tried several series on me before one clicked; Nancy Drew was the big winner! Later, my parents heard that “The Chronicles of Narnia” might be good and purchased them for me. In my pre-teens I discovered “Sweet Valley High” and spent every bit of money I had on successive titles. And, of course, Judy Blume was a fixture in my formative years. So many childhood memories are tied up in books! It’s still happening in my adulthood, I’m happy to say. I think I can write my autobiography with the titles of the books I’ve read. And that’s a happy life!

  6. Sarah- I learned early on in my career that while I may not see those movie/cartoon based books as the best of reading material, they did exactly what I wanted. They bring children to books! And hopefully on down the line they’ll be inclined to pick up more. Glad you found books no matter what!

  7. Oh my goodness…Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High, Judy Blume…you are describing my childhood! Add in some Babysitter’s Club, R.L. Stine, Anne of Green Gables and Roald Dahl and the gang is complete! 😉

  8. Hey Courtney! Reading Rainbow was one of my favorite shows growing up. Luckily I remember some of the books that were featured and shared them with my own kids.

  9. My own childhood consisted of a LOT of Geronimo Stilton and Rainbow Magic Fairies. It’s weird to see my tasted so evolved from back then though, haha! Now, I love all that dark paranormal romance stuffs. I like it better if there’s a hot, sexy bad boy, but that’s just a preference, winky.

  10. Oh Nova Lee…I have helped many a child find those exact series! Especially Rainbow Magic Fairies, I can remember those paperbacks getting absolutely ragged and everyone trying to be the first to get their hands on them for the sticker inserts!

  11. I have wonderful memories of sitting in the children’s section of the local library reading Curious George and Clifford books. I was very young but that’s my first clear memory of reading. I just loved it so much – same as I do now!

  12. I remember the first series that I read as a child – and the was the Betsy-Tacy-Tib series by Maud Hart Lovelace. I loved that series (and still love reading books in a series today). I even found a couple of these books at a thrift store recently and had to buy them!

  13. My Mom always read to us when we were kids, I was reading by 3 and my love affair with books I chose on my own began.
    I dearly loved Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew, Indian Captive, Little House series and once I discovered fantasy and science fiction whole new worlds were mine to play in.

  14. Lizzie- I had the complete Little House series and I can still remember the pride I took in that boxed set. That series is so magical. The proof is in how it still resonates with children today. It will always have a special place in my heart.

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